Greek Goddess Artemis and the Roman Goddess Diana

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The Roman empire developed much later on than the Greek empire therefore the Romans copied almost whatever that the Greeks had established with time, such as art, literature and Gods. However the Romans did give some of their Gods various names and tasks than those of the Greek Gods. There are other distinctions, which is shown between the Greek Goddess Artemis and the Roman Goddess Diana. These two Goddesses are extremely similar, nevertheless some differences are evident. The Greek Goddess Artemis is compared to her Roman equivalent Diana through genealogy, images and symbols, and modern connections.

Artemis is the child of the Greek Gods Leto and Zeus, and the twin sibling to the God Apollo. Although Artemis only has one sibling, she has many relationships with other Gods and had few enemies. Among these Gods is Orion, Artemis’s fan, who is a huge huntsman. Although Artemis wound up erroneously killing her enthusiast, she never ever wed or had kids. Artemis encountered lots of relationships through hunting, which is a common symbol for Greek Gods connected to her.

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Other symbols associated with Artemis were most commonly directly gotten in touch with hunting. The weapons are among those symbols which resembles power and strength. Nevertheless, Artemis typically utilized her power negatively by punishing individuals for their wrongdoings. One type of punishments was spreading out the afflict and changing individuals into deers. A specific kind of deer is the Kerynitian Hinds, which are deers larger than bulls with golden horns. These deers are likewise a sign of Artemis because she utilized them for transformations typically.

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A typical image of Artemis that is recognized today is the moon. The moon is a present sign that is on flags of several Muslim nations. However, the sign didn’t have a lot more suggesting other than representing the Gods associated with Greek Gods and their Roman equivalents. Because of the many signs Artemis has, there is a huge majority of contemporary connections.

The Artemis mission site by NASA is an example of how Artemis is connected with modern day science. The missions is run based on a spacecraft named Artemis that studies the moons relation to the sun. The Artemis spaceship bridge simulator is a game based on the spacecraft. Another association to modern science is through medicine. A human gene is also named after her. However, a lot of these association also apply to Artemis’s Roman equivalent Diana. The Roman Goddess Diana has many similar characteristics like those of the Greek Goddess Artemis. Diana is the twin sister of the Roman God Apollo and her parents are Leto and Zeus. Like Artemis, Diana has many relationships made through hunting. However she did not punish then due to the fact that she did not believe in punishment, especially not through transformations. Symbols that represent Diana are mostly associated with hunting.

Bows and arrows represent power and strength, however they are not used negatively by Diana. She uses them as a sign of security. Nothing resembled to science can be associated with Diana, mainly because she is not well known in comparison to her Greek counterpart Artemis. As a modern connection, the moon is a similarity to Muslim countries, which is represented on several flags, however does not have any other meaning. The Roman Gods are a representation of strength and stability to the Muslim culture. The Roman Goddess Diana is very similar to her counterpart Artemis. Genealogy is identical due to the fact that the Romans based their Gods to the Greek Gods. This causes similar images and symbols, except that some Roman Gods weren’t as violent as the Greek Gods with their punishments.

However, modern connections aren’t as similar as other aspects of these two Goddesses because the Greek Gods are more well known. Even though both the Greek Goddess Artemis and her Roman equivalent Diana have many similarities in genealogy, images and symbols, there are also differences in modern connections. Artemis’s parents are Leto and Zeus, and she only has one sibling, her brother Apollo. This is also true for Diana. Both these Goddesses have identical images and symbols, however Diana isn’t feared and she does not punish other Gods.. However, because of the Greeks being well known for their Gods and Goddesses, Artemis has more modern connection than Diana has.

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Greek Goddess Artemis and the Roman Goddess Diana

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