This paper describes how all drivers can be categorised as good, bad or ugly drivers.

Drivers can be divided into three major categories-the good, the bad and the ugly. The purpose most drivers have is to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately, not all drivers get there the same way. How they get there depends on which category they fall into. Good Drivers. Good drivers will most always get to their destination with the least amount of trouble. They obey all the laws of driving.

Such as using turn signals when required, checking their mirrors before switching lanes and following posted speed limits. Most importantly, good drivers respect the road and their fellow drivers. Bad Drivers. Bad drivers, on the other hand, seem to have some trouble getting where they are going. They don't obey the laws of driving. They refuse to use turn signals, or check their mirrors before switching lanes, often cutting other drivers off. Bad drivers tend to speed, weaving in and out of traffic without a care for the other drivers.

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Ugly Drivers. Ugly drivers are the worst drivers on the road. These are the drivers driving 50mph. in the fast lane. They also seem to always have there turn signal on and never turn. Ugly drivers refuse to turn right on red, even when there is no other traffic coming. They also have the bad habit of not seeing a traffic light turn green and they just sit there till someone honks their horn at them.

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All drivers fall into one of these three categories. Most people would probably lie and say that they were in the good driver category. Some would have an honest opinion of his/her driving and categorize themselves properly. So I'll leave you with this question "Which type of driver are you"?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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