George Washington Carver Biography Facts and Impact

As a child In the early stages of Carver's life he was birthed, then enslaved In Diamond Groove, know as Diamond Missouri. When George Washington Carver, and his sister were younger their parents were forcefully taken away by night raiders In the state of Arkansas. As carver grew older a school he attended that African Americans weren’t able to go, so he later found a Institution that accepted people of color south In Noesho. George Washington was a eager learner at a young age even with all of the hardships faced as a child.

His father being murdered before his birth, George Washington Carver’s mother died before being rescued from night riders.

Carver’s college learning had many hardships like school as a child. He was not admitted Into Highland State because he was of color. In late 1800s Mr. Carver became a undergraduate at Simpton College In Iowa. When he began there In the early 1890s he was the first student of at Iowa State at the time.

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With all the bad that has happened to Mr. Carver he still managed to receive a diploma In Science In 1896. He never let his past determine his future, and what he wanted to accomplish In his adult life.

George Washington Carver had a huge Impact on poor homesteaders with his discoveries. His discovery of the peanut and the multiple uses for the peanut helped those who weren’t as able to provide for their families from their very own backyard.

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Mr. Carver also found a way to Improved soil quality drying of the soil caused by the repeated plantings of crops.

Dr. Carver was recognized for countless developments mostly the peanut, like most of the town knew him for at the time. As Mr. Carver become a bigger talk and the new creation, so did the will to build to expand the needs for the peanut. Things we use daily like paper, soap products, hair, hair merchandise, just to name a few. Without this brilliant Invention we would have nothing because everything In products today has peanut as the ingredient.

Dr. Carver’s death was horrible. He endured a horrific tumble down a staircase. Mr. Carver was pronounced deceased on the 5th of January, In the early 1940s. His death was mourned throughout Tuskegee, Alabama a hero that brought a lot to the small town, and to poor farmers. A good genuine soul, never acted out of hate no matter all of the hate received, racism he had faced. Dr. Carver was buried next to long time friend Booker T. Washington.

In Conclusion I learned no matter the situation your born Into you can always come out better than what you were born Into. Everyone is faced with challenges some harder than others, It’s up to you to want better for yourself. No matter how hard things are In life you can always grow past the hard times.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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