Fear Hinders George Grays Search for Meaning

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Have you felt you wanted to get somewhere but are too afraid to do it. In George Gray he is reaching to find meaning in his life but is too afraid to find something. He is too scared that he will be hurt by the outcome or defeated by life in some way that he will not reach out. Now in his poem he is telling how he wants to find the meaning of life by saying he will set the sails to and find it.

The mood of this poem is depressing, and demoralizing. The author has no meaning in life and it is horrible as he puts it. The mood is set in this poem by some of the words like sorrow, dreaded, madness, and torture.

These are used to show how it is like during and before the journey towards a meaning. The first literary device is the personification, “Sorrow knocked at my door.” What this is saying is that he felt so depressed that sorrow was right next to him.

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Like the saying death came knocking at my door this means that he was taken over by sorrow just like someone is taken over by death. The second literary device is “Ambition called to me.” This is another personification.

What it is trying to say is that he had a chance to do something great but he was too fearful of the outcome that he did not do it. What the poem is leading up to is that he has had so many chances to have a purpose in life but always shuts them out.

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In conclusion what this poem was trying to do, was show the reader about the authors life, and how he had shut out every good thing that had come his way. The personification in this poem emphasized the multiple opportunities he had to help himself.

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Fear Hinders George Grays Search for Meaning
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