Gambling Essay Topics

This is a oral presentation about Excessive Gambling

Good morning/ afternoon Pastor xxx and fellow classmates. Today I would like to talk to you about the topic- excessive gambling. During my talk, I will be covering the following areas: 1. What is gambling? 2. What is excessive gambling? 3. Reasons for excessive gambling + statistics on excessive gambling in Australia. 4. The problems… View Article

Gambling should be legalized

What is gambling? According to www. dictionary. com gambling is taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. Gambling has been around for centuries and has been dated way back to 1492. People have been gambling in America ever since America was found. There are numerous underground cards clubs and… View Article

Gambling is it right or wrong?

Gambling has been around forever, and I am sure it has always been a controversial issue. History and ethnography show us that, across societies of the past and present, gambling varies considerably with respect to its organization, social meanings, and how it is regarded in moral terms. (Binde,2005). Since the time when the guards for… View Article

Bad habit – gambling

Gambling is a perfectly healthy hobby as long as gamblers are still in control of when to stop. To win at gambling, one must know when to quit, because quitting while you’re ahead is the best chance of winning at a casino. If gambling has become an addiction and one continuously seeks casinos in order… View Article

Changing the age of gambling

Everyone has gambled something in their life; it could be betting your baseball cards to see who can eat the most slices of pizza, or who is paying for soft drinks as each races to the nearest QuikTrip when you were kids. But why at the age eighteen, when we are considered adult citizens, do… View Article

“Should online gambling be banned?”

Online gambling has been speedup over past 14 years. The development of the technology of internet was admitting customers to gamble in any time anyway (John & Aunshul, 2010). Most of the gambling website provides the legal age limit for gambler. This means only the gamblers who are above 18 can join those gambling game… View Article

Government-operated gambling

Over the past few years, government operated gambling has grown into a massive business, there has been much controversy around the topic of weather or not Gambling should be regulated. In this essay I will explain my point of view on this topic and give examples that support my ideas. So, what should the state’s… View Article

Cause or effect of gambling

“Che-Ching! ” “Yes! Jackpot! ” shouted the man as he jumped up and down. However, will his happiness last forever? The nest time the man gambled, the money in his pocket completely turned to dust. From that day onwards, like a broken glass, his life is destroyed and almost impossible to bring back happiness. From… View Article

Study on online gambling market

For thousands of years, mankind has enjoyed spending money on games of chance. Today this has developed into a multi-billion dollar worldwide phenomenon- the gambling industry. While the total number of gambling enterprises has fallen in recent years the overall number of people employed in the industry has increases, suggesting that enterprises are now larger… View Article

Online gambling strategic recommendation

With the increasing number of people who use the internet, email, online banking, and other computer-related technologies, it was just a matter of time until we would see internet gambling becoming popular. The first internet gambling sites started appearing as early as 1994. Some of the earlier operators included “The Gaming Club,” and “Intertops Online… View Article

Gambling, is it a Hobby or Drug?

Gambling comes in so many forms. The ideal thought of gambling typically refers to making wagers in a casino or even online in a game of roulette, poker, blackjack, or slots machines and even on/off track betting. What most people fail to realize is that lotto is also a form of gambling. For most people… View Article

Perceived risk & gambling

As of 2008, there were more than 2,000 internet gambling sites worldwide; with combined revenue of these websites being estimated to be north of $18 billion (Overview of Gambling Regulations, 2008). Due to its obscene rate of growth, potential harm to its consumers and growing ease of accessibility, internet gambling is viewed by many as… View Article

College sports gambling

With all of the controversy of gambling in college sports, why is the issue still an issue? The answer is money. There were actions taken towards this by Congress, but the problem is that it was never completely abolished. Congress had made the mistake of creating a way around it. It is now commonly referred… View Article

Should gambling be legalized

Since the negative consequences of gambling surpass the positive ones gambling should be banned. In fact, there are several reasons that indicate why gambling shouldn’t be legalized comprising debts issues, depression, addiction, and political corruption. Thus the loss accompanying gambling way more exceeds the financial profit that an individual or a group of people might… View Article

The impact of gambling in America

The impact of gambling on the United States carries both positive and negative effects into our society and communities. Gambling is a leisure activity that usually provides excitement and fun for its players. Gambling also brings tremendous amounts of money into the economy and provides employment. American cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City… View Article

Should governments sponsor gambling?

The government is now sponsoring gambling to raise revenues. By 2002 government-sponsored gambling brought in 11 billion dollars! “Winning means a life of luxury and happiness,” is only one of the many slogans the government uses to advertise gambling. Gambling has a lot of pros as to the economy and employing more citizens but it… View Article

Gambling goes Global

As the case explains, gambling has existed for many centuries all around the globe. With the evolution of the Internet, this form of recreation has become widely available for everyone with Internet access. This has created opportunities for gamblers, but has become a challenge for those trying to stop the spread of such recreation. To… View Article

Gambling – the economy, household and society

The subject of gambling has been a hot subject of debate amongst politicians for many years. The concept of people waging something of value for something not guaranteed is something that baffles many non-gamblers. Long before Christopher Columbus discovered North America gambling was practiced quite often amongst Native Americans (Sheppard, 2012). In fact one can… View Article

Underage gambling

One winter night after partying with his friends an unidentified 19-year-old boy had made his way to his suburban home in New York. Upon his arrival to his home, he made sure he stopped by the local convenience store to pick up a pack of smokes and some chips. His intentions were to enter his… View Article

Illegal gambling

Because of the poverty and crime it brings, it is not decreasing—but increasing—the cost of running state governments, Here are facts you should know: “The gambling craze has swept the country with the avariciousness of a prairie fire . . The flames are out of control. ”—Columnist Arthur Daley, in the New York Times. In… View Article

Gambling addiction

A few years back my brother, Zach, started gambling. He started out with the small poker tables at a friend’s house. He would make a few dollars here and there, so he thought he could beat anyone. Zach thought he was untouchable, he thought he could be the system. It did not matter what it… View Article

Legalized gambling

The Economic Impacts of Legalized Gambling Introduction The effect of gambling on the standard of living will be pronounced if the gambling activity is regressive, meaning that the rate of participation (as a percentage of income) declines as people earn higher incomes. In other words, if most gamblers are poor, then gambling is more likely… View Article

Effects of gambling

What are the Odds? With flashy lights, cheap buffets, and free hotel rooms; owners of casinos use these things as a ruse to pull people in. In a study by Dr. Weinstock, it was found that when gambling, the odds are stacked against the player. The odds of a college athlete becoming a pro football… View Article

Internet gambling

Internet gambling represents one of the fastest growing segments of online activities with hundreds of websites providing users the opportunity to place bets on anything, ranging from casino games to sporting events. Billions of dollars in bets are placed each day in these online gambling rings. Thousands of these sites exist and many countries’ economies… View Article

Psychological gambling

Abstract: Few studies have explored the relationship between gambling and health status. Both compulsive and pathological gambling are disorders related to obsession-compulsive disorder. The data supports the notion that gambling does affect with non-gambling health problems. The purpose of this article is to provide the information between gambling behaviors and substance use disorders, health associations,… View Article

Internet gambling

This document will inform you about the history of internet gambling, the existing issues, and a number of concerns involved with online gambling. Prior to the launching of the World Wide Web in 1993 which changed the setting of gambling, people had to travel great distances to gamble. The world’s first virtual online casino, Internet… View Article

Gambling industry

Gambling is the wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods. Typically, the outcome of the wager is evident within a short period. The term gaming typically refers to instances in which the activity has been specifically… View Article

Internet Gambling

This document will inform you about the history of internet gambling, the existing issues, and a number of concerns involved with online gambling. Prior to the launching of the World Wide Web in 1993 which changed the setting of gambling, people had to travel great distances to gamble. The world’s first virtual online casino, Internet… View Article

Legalizing Gambling

Gambling is legal in many places, it’s not either a criminal or dangerous activity provided it is done responsibly, and in accordance with the law. Have you ever wagered on a game? If so you were gambling and should have been fined. Lawmakers have decided that it is evil to gamble, they have justified it… View Article

Internet Gambling

The technoculture related topic that I am going to explore is the phenomenon of Internet gambling. With the emergence and explosion of gambling on television such as the World Series of Poker of ESPN or The World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel, online gaming has quickly become a major player in the technoculture of… View Article