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In the future university education would be free?

In the future; university education would be free? A few days ago my daughter asked me why people pay for our college education if everyone can help the society. Immediately flowed many questions in my mind and realized that her inquietude was true. Education is the key to success. At different stages of my life I have heard this phrase. I always wanted to finish a college career and society demands it, but I never imagined how costly it is to accomplish.

In the moments that I see around me and see how many people want to get ahead, others who are wishing for overcoming example of a country where future generations an live in peace and to keep growing as a society, developing skills favorable to all.

I wonder, what would happen if university education was free? If university education was free I could get a masters degree in Psychology. Show all my skills and make the best use of the opportunity offered to me.

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On the other side of the coin is the chance that maybe I would not appreciate what a college preparation. When I say that maybe I did not appreciate it is because many times when everyone do not appreciate it all the same way. Some Countries have different options for students to complete college.

In Germany almost all university education is free (Gomez, Sept. 2011). In some cases there are exceptions. These exceptions can be second careers and some masters (Gomez, Sept. 2011). In China 1997, England 1998, and Austria 2001 they offered free college, but this was counterproductive because only chose some students and others lost the opportunity for a career.

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These were as they did that today there is the presence of modes of university education is either public or private (Sanhueza, July 2011). I researched a bit about higher education in different countries.

In Chile, 45% of people ages continue university studies. This is due to a trend for years in developed countries like France with a 55% participation rate, followed by Spain and Sweden with 70% participation rate respectively. Newly industrialized countries like Hong Kong and South Korea reached from 60% to 70% coverage. This is a clear example to me. This way, you can use a single system of public financing, and would not allow a large number of people access to higher education (Sanhueza, 2011). In the United States offer spaces at state universities for students with good grades.

They offer scholarships, which cover the entire college career. These universities can obtain state funds. Private universities are funded by donations and for that reason the fees are higher (USL, 1998-2012). The costs of universities in the United States may vary drastically, it depends if it is a public or private university. The costs in the private university may spend four times more on the range of the public university. One strategy used for students on a budget is to start a program in high school for two years and to complete them; move them to college and thus can save money nd time ( USL, 1998-2012). All these alternatives I could not take advantage and for that reason I has a level of difficulty for me. I did not complete my studies on time and had no support or guidance from someone who show me the steps I should follow to achieve a solid professional future. I married early and devoted myself to my family. My husband works fulltime and is the provider in the economic branch, and I help my daughters establishing their early habits of sharing important moments in the life of each of them. When I left my studies halfway, it hit us economically.

This information I have received has helped me to understand the reason why today I cover the payment to complete my carrier. When I look at the option of the United States had access to college free, it could mean a delay and waste of time for me because universities would make a choice and that could limit the opportunity to enter the existing population in this country. My duty is to make it clear to my daughter and to all who need it the importance of seizing every moment of life and understand every action. If everything were free, would everyone get no benefits and not learn the value of things.


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