Future is a mystery and nobody could know what will happen Inventing

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Future is a mystery and nobody could know what will happen. Inventing the future sounds like a mysterious and magical process, but actually each of us is engaged in this activity every day. The problem is that most of us invent a future that matches our yesterday. We take the past, and believing it to be the way things are and have to be, we reinforce it with our expectations and behavior. There is another path, the only certain thing about the future is uncertainty.

If your eyes are not fixed on future plans, you may very well be placing your occupation in danger. The answer to the challenges we face in our lives is the enhancement of future consciousness. All of our problems, all of our aspirations, all of the things we hope to achieve in life have to do with the future. If we develop our abilities to constructively, intelligently, imaginatively and productively approach the future, we will extremely increase our chance of realizing a positive future, both for ourselves and others, because future is the place where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.

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We all set goals for the future, we all imagine, plan and strategize, we all have hopes and fears about what may come. Everyone want to have a better future but to realize it is easier to say than to be done. Building a better future will require making changes to our life now. Whether having a better future to me means having a family, a high-paying job or living into my dream country, it is the things I do today will affect my tomorrow.

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So to make all of things happen in my life I have to plan and make deliberate changes in life. First of all I have to set my goals. Where do I see myself after five or ten years ? What can I do now that will help me achieve these ambitions? What kind of job I want to do and research skills I need for that. Find out how I can acquire them. Secondly I have to question myself. That means whenever I set out to do something in life, I have to know the reasons for doing it. It’s very easy to slip into autopilot’ or to do things just because others are doing it or because they are telling me it is the right thing to do. I have to look for the good in everything. It is easy to adopt a negative outlook on life. Actively looking for the positive aspects of every situation will help to be optimistic about the future. It will help me criticize and complain less and appreciate more. If I find yourself in an unfavorable situation, I should ask myself what can learn from it. This doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to have negative thoughts. Everybody has negative thoughts occasionally. Believing all the negative thoughts to be true is what will have a negative impact on my life including lower mood and motivation to work for a better future. I also have to look at what needs to be changed in my lifestyle. My habits and current way of living and other minute details should be scrutinized to see if they are of any real benefit to me. Being future-focused keeps me driving forward, it keeps me leaning in. Thinking about the future is fundamentally important to dealing with the challenges of today. In order to confront these problems successfully, I have to think carefully about the implications and results of the steps I might take, not just in the immediate moment, but as conditions continue to evolve. As I have seen time and again, it is all too easy for actions that seem reflexively correct to lead to far greater crises down the road. It is true that I can’t see the future. I can only see possibilities. But that is okay. I am not trying to predict what will happen tomorrow; I am trying to understand possible consequences. I am trying to lay out maps of the landscape ahead, in order chart a better course. These maps won’t always be accurate”sometimes they’ll be completely wrong. But the process of creating the maps will give me a more detailed look and clearer perspective on where I am today. Even being completely wrong has value: figuring out why I was wrong, what I missed, can sometimes be even more illuminating than being right. Futures thinking is perhaps better understood as an immune system for our civilization. By examining and testing different possible outcomes”potential threats, emerging ideas, exciting opportunities”we strengthen our collective capacity to deal with what really does transpire. Thinking about the future, and doing so in a careful, structured, open and collaborative way, makes us a stronger civilization. Focusing only the challenges of the present may seem imperative, especially when those challenges are massive and frightening. But without a sense of what is next, a capacity for understanding connections and horizons, and a vision of what kind of world we want, our efforts to deal with today’s problems will inevitably leave us weakened, vulnerable, and blind to challenges to come.

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Future is a mystery and nobody could know what will happen Inventing

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