Future career

Every person thinks a lot about his future and admits that hard work lies ahead. Career planning is answer of the question “what am I doing after graduation?” after graduation most people experiences the job search. Job hunting is an activity that a lot of us would just avoid if possible. We are aware that in today’s world having a job became necessity of life. Even the best workers in the world cannot be through no fault in their lives.

We always change our minds and we have may made wrong choices or the job that held such promise has turned to dust. As a senior in the College of Staten Island many students ponder the big question of life that seems to be asked by many. No, that question is not where you want to go after college, what are you doing after college, that question would be where you see yourself in ten years. I have numerous objectives and yearnings that I might want to achieve inside the following ten years of my life.

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In ten years, I can see myself having many my objective achieved, if not accomplished, I will be working on accomplishing those goals to fulfill my life.

If you think about your future career it is worth mentioning the fact, that the future expectations of every man are connected with acquiring (getting) quality education which in its turn includes many aspects, such as: self creation, developing your abilities and character, keeping fit, social adaptability, creative potentials and intellect.

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The most important thing that young people want from life is career success followed by happiness, marriage and family and they are also concerned with global issues, such as ecological problems, social problems, wars, terrorism. A well educated highly intellectual person is one of the treasures of any society. So it is not only your wish but your duty to have a good quality education. But to get it one should remember ‘that there is no royal road to learning” and ” the rules of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet”. So it is important to have an active mind to get a balanced view of the world and to develop your mental abilities to the highest degree. It is vital to find your own place in the community to get along with people, to grasp the importance of any work for the benefit of the whole society, to find place between personal and society needs. But you are to remember that future is made of the same stuff as the present. Every day is your life, it isn’t a rehearsal, it is life. Never let the future disturb you, you will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason, which today arms you against the present.

Very many of us live life of the never never. Telling ourselves that just as soon as we have get passed this or that stage period in life we would be able to devote all our energies to what we really want to do. But in this case tomorrow will never come. You should remember that “future is not a gift, it is an achievement”. And you are to appreciate this very day to start its creation new, without delay and don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. If you don’t think about the future you cannot have one. But if you do all you can in order your dreams and aspirations will come true, you will pursue an advanced level ofeducation, carry out successful career for yourself, marry and raise children and will certainly make contributions within the fear of your own family, work and community.

So one of the most important and difficult problems, a young person faces is choosing an occupation, deciding what to do about a career and future. Career is not only a job or profession for which one is trained and intends to follow all his life, career is also the general course of one’s working life, the way he wants to live. Choosing an occupation takes time and it is the most complicated problem to find a right way in life.

“The road not taken…”But few things are impossible to diligence and skill and though life “is no crystal stair”, young people have an advantage to choose their future way of life while at school. It gives them a goal to work towards and enables them to choose a right suitable course of study. While at school a person may find out that he will need to get some actual work experience to gain enough knowledge to qualify to the particular job. Fortunately there are a lot of people, young persons can turn for advice and help in making their decision while at school.

Schools have changed a lot in recent years and they try not only to give pupils better education, but to encourage them to choose a future profession by specializing in particular subjects: languages, economy, business, technology or even religion. Pupils may choose between state and private schools. There are teachers who are professionally qualified to consult pupils, to help them in acquiring the skills and knowledge which will enable them to understand the structure of opportunities they face, to realize their strengths and to encourage them to make a right decision. But even if a person gets other people involved in helping him make a decision self-education is an important part of the decision making process, because “every man is a maker of his own fortune”.

“God gives the nuts but he doesn’t crack them””Miracles sometimes occur, but one is to work terribly hard for them”So being at school you are to put your heart in acquiring sound knowledge for your future. So choosing a career and getting a job are two of the most important things any person does in lifetime.

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Future career

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