Functionalist Perspective In Sociology

My favorite perspective in sociology was learning about the functionalist perspective aka functionalism. I do know that it is one of the major concept theories and perspectives in sociology. From class we learned about Emile Durkheim’s interest in this theory on how social order is possible on how society remains relatively stable through functionalism. “Functionalism does interpret every part of society on how it all contributes to the stability and the survival of society”. I guess the reason why I liked the study of functionalism is for the same reason why I like to be a functional person, I love for there to be order and I believe that everybody plays a role in that sense, either they know they are playing that part unknowingly or they do know and they are part of the order.

I cannot stand for dysfunctional people especially when it can have a negative impact on a group or society. For example some of the TV shows out there like the Simpsons, family guy, two and a half men show our children how to grow up in such a family with the understanding that such a manner that being dysfunctional is normal but it’s not.

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Dysfunctional families carry it on to their kids and people they are around, this can be a direct result of their parents and may also be affected by addictions, such as substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. I have seen this all my life and it just kills me to be around it, not to mention everyone that knew who has been through it always make it out alive normal.

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I have never liked conflict so the conflict theory goes out the window for me, but we all know that there has to be conflict in order for functionalism to work. Ying and yang is how I see the big picture. Without order stability, cohesion, and consensus, or society would be in complete chaos, and we would live in an anarchy society instead of a functional one.

Sociology is the study of society, and the social interaction at all variety of levels so where there is functionalism there has to be conflict theorists like Karl Marx who showed us social conflict theories are perspectives of sociology that emphasize the social, political, or material inequality of a social group, that critique the broad socio-political system, or that otherwise detract from structural functionalism and ideological conservatisms. I do have to agree with his work against the capitalist system and how there is a thing called social inequality. Like him I also agree that wealthy and being rich doesn’t always come from hard work through and achieved status, yet it comes from ascribed status. One thing I really appreciated was in our sociology book always in every chapter they did a break down on all the theories from functionalist, conflict, feminist, and symbolic interactionist. They gave you examples what each perspective looks at compared to the other, and before I took sociology my eyes were totally closed to what I only seen for my perspective.

Like when it comes to culture, you know that I ‘am very much into to culture, only because I had an opportunity to travel the world and see all the cultures out there. I can see how generations of culture can be passed down from father to son, or mother to daughter, from grandparents to grandchildren. I only wish that here in the U.S we could have a little more appreciation for keeping the culture real, and maintaining the building blocks of our own culture. I do know that we have a lot of multiculturalism here in the United States, and as a result of that we all can benefit from having this. I know firsthand only because most of us Air Force guys love cultural universals and that is good food. Just outside of my base within a mile strip we are so lucky to have amazing Tai food like (Paw Graw), Vietnamese food (Pho ha), Mexican food (Mexican Kitchen), American food (Toms Burgers), Chinese food (Mr. You’s), Greek food (Mad Greek), Korean Food (Flame Broiler), Japanese food (Akinas), I mean we are literally surrounded by multiculturalism and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have to go back to the functionalist way and say that all the culture outside of my base somehow lives off of us, and we live off them. Those citizens and we in the military all have similar beliefs that binds us together and helps with the stability of our city, and my base. Through this food culture I know that it helps to unify us as a society and definitely promotes cultural solidarity. Thank you for having me as a student, and showing me what Sociology is all about, and perhaps I might take your advice and take another advanced class for one my electives. Thank you again Professor Ellington.


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