Functional Health Assessment Essay

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Functional Health Assessment

Health Perception/Health Management
Client’s perceived pattern of healthand well-being and how health ismanaged.Compliance with medication regimen, useof health-promotion activities such asregular exercise, annual check-ups.

Pattern of food and fluidconsumption relative to metabolicneed and pattern; indicators of localnutrient supply.Condition of skin, teeth, hair, nails,mucous membranes; height and weight.

Patterns of excretory function(bowel, bladder, and skin). Includes client’s perception of normal”function.Frequency of bowel movements, voiding pattern, pain on urination, appearance of urine and stool.

Activity – Exercise
Patterns of exercise, activity, leisure,and recreation.Exercise, hobbies. May includecardiovascular and respiratory status,mobility, and activities of daily living.

Sensory-perceptual and cognitive patterns. Vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell, pain perception and management; cognitive functions such as language, memory, and decision making.

Patterns of sleep, rest, andrelaxation.Client’s perception of quality and quantityof sleep and energy, sleep aids, routinesclient uses.

Self-Perception/Self Concept
Client’s self-concept pattern and perceptions of self.Body comfort, body image, feeling state,attitudes about self, perception of abilities, objective data such as body posture, eye contact, voice tone.

Client’s pattern of role engagementsand relationships.Perception of current major roles sandresponsibilities (e.g., father, husband,salesman); satisfaction with family, work,or social relationships.


Patterns of satisfaction anddissatisfaction with sexuality pattern; reproductive pattern. Number and histories of pregnancy andchildbirth; difficulties with sexualfunctioning; satisfaction with sexualrelationship.

Coping / Stress Tolerance
General coping pattern and effectiveof the pattern in terms of stresstolerance.Client’s usual manner of handling stress,available support systems, perceivedability to control or manage situations.

Value – Belief
Patterns of values, beliefs (includingspiritual), and goals that guideclient’s choices or decisions.Religious affiliation, what client perceivesas important in life, value-belief conflictsrelated to health, special religious practices. Nursing\Nursing Forms\Gordon’s 11 Functional Health PatternsD Ladd 7-16-02

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