From the putting people first reading I agree that SelfManaged

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From the putting people first reading, I agree that Self-Managed teams and decentralization decision making, Extensive sharing of information and commitment to talent development are three of the seven practices of successful organizations could effectively motivate employees can increase a company’s efficiency and substantially. There is high integrity in all interactions, with employees and talent-management practices are in sync with the underlying drivers of performance, like Roles, responsibilities, and authority all reinforce ownership over work and results. There’s a recognition that the best ideas come from the exchange and sharing of ideas and information between individuals and teams.

This underlying links between the positive outcome and engagement and is able to turn on a dime when necessary and adapt to changes in the external environment.

Employees in self-managed teams enjoy greater autonomy and discretion, and this effect translates into intrinsic rewards and job satisfaction. Team-based organizations also are largely successful in having all of the people in the firm feel accountable and responsible for the operation and success of the enterprise, not just a few people in senior management positions.

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This increased sense of responsibility stimulates more initiative and effort on the part of everyone involved. teams permit employees to pool their ideas to come up with better and more creative solutions to problems. The idea, similar to brainstorming or group problem solving, involves pooling ideas and expertise to increase the likelihood that at least one member of the group will come up with a way of addressing the problem.

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In the group setting, each participant can build on the Others’ ideas, particularly if the members are trained in effective group process and problem solving.

The amount of extensive training provided by commitment as opposed to control-oriented management systems is substantial. It gives the Chance employees to grow & get better knowledge. Also, Training can be a source of competitive advantage in intense and increasing competition in industry and employees training can help to identify workplace problems and contribute to innovative solutions. Because the organizational operation rely on front-line employee skill and initiative to identify and resolve problems, to initiate changes in work methods, and to take responsibility for quality. All of this requires a skilled and motivated work force that has the knowledge and capability to perform the requisite tasks.

Extensive sharing of information and open communication about strategy, financials, and operations creates a culture in which people feel they are trusted. which enables employees to have a clear idea about the company’s action and every feel part of team. It truly involves employees in the business. Every employee should understand what the core company goals are and how he/she is contributing to achieving those goals. This approach of interconnectivity with the employees, transform them into purpose-driven, committed, engaged, productive and happier workforce which reveals value across the entire business.

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From the putting people first reading I agree that SelfManaged

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