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Supernaturalism in Works of Oscar Wilde and R. L. Stevenson
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Introduction This paper aims to check how the themes of social and cultural issues of the period are portrayed through the aspect of supernaturalism in the selected works of Oscar Wilde and R. L. Stevenson. The term supernaturalism is closely related to Gothic literature. It stands as the most common theme among the works of this genre. The Collins Dictionary defines it as 'a supernatural agency, the effects of which are felt to be apparent in this world' (Collins English…...
NaturalismOscar WildeThe Nightingale and the RoseVictorian Era
Good morningafternoon Miss Nightingale and fellow classmates today I am here to
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Good morning/afternoon Miss Nightingale and fellow classmates, today I am here to address a serious ongoing issue in today society. Now what might be the issue I'm going to be talking about today? Well today I am going to talk about homelessness in Australia. To start off, I want you to imagine a person of any age, living out in the streets by himself/herself with no help, no family, no water, no money and especially no home to live in.…...
HomelessnessThe Nightingale and the Rose
The Nightingale and The Rose (Wilde Short Stories) Vocabulary
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to clasp to hold securely sorrowful really unhappy or ill to flutter to fly through the air with brief, fast, light motions to soar to fly high in the sky scythe a sharp instrument with a curved blade for cutting yard etc. It is a conventional symbol of death..jpg" alt="scythe" /> to ebb (away) to fade away and become less and less crimson a rich, deep red to linger to stay as if not wanting to go sorrow a great…...
Short StoryThe Nightingale and the RoseWorld Wide Web
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Oscar Wilde the Happy Prince and Other Stories
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Oscar Wilde was an Irish poet, author, author of short stories as well as playwright, and it was his comedies that made him famous. In spite of that, it looks like his works stay only a reflection of his great mind. He was constantly interested by the public - for his work he required immediate reaction. Most likely he was a much better storyteller than author. Nevertheless, Oscar Wilde was an extremely talented student, with excellent memory. He studied at…...
Oscar WildeSelfish GiantThe Nightingale and the Rose
The Self and the Other in the Happy Prince and Other Tales (1888) by Oscar Wilde
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Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) was one of the most effective authors of the late Victorian Age. Wilde was associated with the aestheticism movement, which tried to establish art as simply pieces of appeal. Many individuals of the Victorian Period thought all works of art had a deeper significance and function aside from for enjoyment, but Wilde worked to disprove this concept. He thought that art is self sufficient and it does not have to teach morals or to show political commitment…...
CultureOscar WildePhilosophyThe Nightingale and the Rose
The Nightingale and the Rose
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Love is mysterious thing, attracting many authors in all-time. “The Nightingale and the Rose”, a fairy tale by Oscar Wilde, is a meaningful story following the theme of Love. The theme is deeply conveyed in this story through the characters’ different attitudes toward Love. For the Student, the need for Love, simply, is red rose. He fell in love with the Professor’s daughter. She promised to dance with him if he bought her red roses but he could not find…...
The Nightingale and the Rose
Brighton Rock – Sympathy
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“Greene does not encourage us to find much sympathy for any of the character” At the beginning of the novel, from the reader’s perspective Spicer gives the impression of being a young boy, in particular with his refusal to eat after they have murdered Hale. “I’ll be sick...if I eat” The Boy then responds with “Spew then”, this suggests that Spicer has a weakness especially within the group. As well as this it implies that Spicer regrets or feels a…...
EmotionNovelsThe Nightingale and the Rose
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