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The Truth Under Fairy Tale: The Reflection of The Little Prince
Words • 1509
Pages • 7
The Little Prince, the book with most of the human emotions in the world, is just like my life story. Actually, I have read this book several times from the first time I got it at age of 10. The Little Prince, is a fairy tale for children, a fable for adults, a memoir for the old. The author is Antonine de Saint-Exupery from France. It was written in 1942 and published in 1943. The author, Antonine, was an existentialist.…...
ExistentialismFairy TalesLonelinessLoveNovelsSymbolism
The Little Prince Moral Lesson
Words • 330
Pages • 2
The famous novella The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery teaches the young about responsibility through the relationships we have with people and the environment. While the novella was initially intended for children, it caught the eyes to everyone because of its deep meaning and lessons taught to us about responsibility. The theme of responsibility in this novella, however, is portrayed differently when it came to the adults and the children. The adults seemed to show their responsibility through materialistic…...
LoveMoralThe Little Prince
The Little Prince Play Reaction Paper
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Pages • 4
The play that I viewed was The Little Prince on October 18th 2012 at the Carousel Theatre. Even though I enjoyed the performance, I thought it was unique in a certain way. There was something about this performance that was just different from any other play I have attended. Overall The Little Prince was a great experience and I enjoyed it. In the following paper I will talk about the research of this play as well as a critical analysis…...
The Little Prince
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Moral Lessons In LIFE
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Pages • 4
The little prince, Hope for the flower, and Jonathan Livingston Seagull are stories that can bring an everlasting moral lessons in LIFE. These are stories with a philosophical implication, the works of the authors Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Trina Paulos and Richard Bach are devoted to a discussion of the sort of questions normally addressed in way of life. I said so because all the stories give emphasis to the function and role of the society, and also the purpose of…...
A Story With Moral ValueCaterpillarMoralRichard WrightThe Little Prince
The Book, The Little Prince
Words • 3619
Pages • 15
The storyteller, the pilot, crashes in the Sahara desert. He tries to repair his engine, understanding that he just has a restricted supply of water. As he starts to deal with the engine, however, he hears a small voice asking him to draw a sheep. The storyteller turns around to satisfy the little prince, and after making a number of efforts at drawing the sheep, he picks sketching a box-- he tells the little prince that the box consists of…...
The Little Prince
Reaction Paper on “The little prince”
Words • 1689
Pages • 7
Brief Summary of the Book The story begins when the narrator look back his childhood life. He drew a boa constrictor digesting an elephant. He showed it to the adults he failed to get hearten with their comments. He felt bad with the grown-ups because they told him to stop his drawing career, instead became a pilot, as they believe that it is the sensible thing to do. So he decided to became a pilot and live his life alone.…...
The Little Prince
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