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The Tragic Heroes of Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi
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Dueling Tragedies: The Tragic Heroes of Webster's The Duchess of Malfi In Chapter Three of Leech's The Critical Idiom: Tragedy (henceforth shortened as Tragedy), the traditional Aristotelian view of a tragic hero is defined as an exalted person, usually of high rank, who is held because of said rank "in a position of recognizable eminence" (34). Eminence is a key component of being and recognizing an Aristotelian tragic hero because it is eminence which gives the hero his or her…...
Arts And CulturePlaysThe Duchess of Malfi
The Duchess of Malfi
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In this instance, the Duchess is literally raising Antonio, but metaphorically raising his social status to her level, although this does still not comply with her brothers' standards or the conventions of that society. Overall, the opening scene of the play does not look particularly promising as although there are signs of hope in the love between Antonio and the Duchess, the corruption of the other characters makes it seem inconsequential. Webster has thus introduced a court in which malevolence…...
HopeMurderThe Duchess of Malfi
“Paradise Lost” and “The Duchess of Malfi”
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To some respect, both Milton and Webster present their characters with certain motives of ambition. Milton once said "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. " highlighting that ambition is an internal cause, simply a human flaw and cannot be ignored and can cause tragedy in some respect to what is good or perhaps manipulate the way of thinking in men. Paradise Lost In Paradise Lost, Milton shows us…...
HellParadise LostThe Duchess of Malfi
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Discuss Lear’s role in the play and explore his journey from tyrant to humanity to death
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Shakespeare's ultimate Tragedy, King Lear, is indeed a dark and soul-harrowing play. The tragic madness of King Lear, and of the subsequent turmoil that follows from it, is all the more terrible for the king's inability to cope with the loss of his mind, his family, and his pride. This descent into horror culminates at the tragic conclusion, where both the innocent and the guilty die for other's mistakes and lack of judgment. Lear declares that he is 'more sinn'd…...
DeathExploreHumanityJourneyKing LearThe Duchess of Malfi
Critical Review of the Duchess of Malfi Play
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Paper Type:Critical essays
The production of The Duchess of Malfi is a vibrant, swash-buckling Jacobean affair. It is appropriately seasoned to a modern audience by the use of ambitiously experimental sets and intermittently 'fine' utterances, subsequently giving more substance to what the characters say. As we uncovered the symbolic treasures of the play, it becomes richer, and the added use of stage directions, makes the production (according to TS Eliot), 'possessed by death.' Although I concur that without the addition of Bosola's soliloquies,…...
PlayThe Duchess of Malfi
Corruption in The Duchess of Malfi
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The world in which The Duchess of Malfi is set is riddled with corrupt practices and people. There are 3 major types of corruption that occur throughout the play: moral corruption, political corruption and mental corruption. The idea of corruption is introduced in Antonio's first speech. He comments on how a well governed, noble palace should be, then contrasts this with the idea of a court where " some curs'd example poison't near the head, death and diseases through the whole…...
CorruptionThe Duchess of Malfi
Corruption of the court within the Duchess of Malfi
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From Act I of 'The Duchess of Malfi' what impressions does the audience get of the court and how does Webster create this? Include a close analysis of a section of your choice.'The Duchess of Malfi' revolves around the predominate themes of the Jacobean period, during the reign of King James I. England faced a leader they did not trust as seen through their pessimistic literature work. The country had been previously known to be strong and powerful whereas it…...
CorruptionDeceptionDramaOryx and CrakeThe Duchess of Malfi
Madame Tussaud’s Museum-Descriptive Paper
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Paper Type:Descriptive essays
With thousands of visitors per day, Madame Tussaud's is probably the most famous wax museum, with branches all over the world. It has grown to become a major tourist attraction in London, displaying waxworks of historical and royal figures, as well as others celebrities such as actors, pop stars or scientists. Its history begins back in 1777 when Marie Tussaud created her first wax figure, Voltaire. However, it wasn't until 1835 when Marie opened a museum in Baker Street. Fifty…...
DescriptiveMuseumThe Duchess of Malfi
The world according to the Duchess
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This paper tries to explore and examine how making use of animal images in John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi draws out the themes and exposes the persona of characters like Duke Ferdinand, the Cardinal and their accomplice Bosola. The animal imagery offers natural expression to the basic (animal) impulses that dominate the play from beginning to the end. The world according to the Duchess is a "tiresome theater", but to Ferdinand, the abject villain, it is "however a dog-kennel.…...
The Duchess of MalfiWorld
Morality, Meet Brave New World
Words • 1911
Pages • 8
"The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame."1 Concerning Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World, readers find themselves thinking the theme of the novel is not of proper conduct and it would not take place in their current world. Brave New World follows a futuristic society, the World State, where citizens are mass-produced and conditioned to suit the ways of the government and the society as a whole. Everyone is born…...
Brave New WorldMoralityThe Duchess of Malfi
How far is it true that the play ‘The Duchess of Malfi’, presents a moral world of Webster’s that is different from the conventional mores?
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Pages • 18
The Machiavellian qualities seen in the villain’s, along with the pragmatic of even existentialist attitude to life displayed by the good as well as bad characters may give a first impression that the world Webster presents in The Duchess of Malfi, is a chaotic world, but for a closer and deeper look at the play will show that the world is influenced by a moral order though this order cannot be universally enforced. Though the moral presence exists, this world…...
MoralThe Duchess of Malfi
Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Shakespeare and Webster Present Hamlet and Bosola as Tragic Heroes.
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Pages • 9
Bosola from Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi and Hamlet from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, both present elements of Aristotle’s model of the tragic hero; through both of the characters, Shakespeare and Webster use the features of the tragic hero to engage Elizabethan and Jacobean audiences in an exploration of issues linked to the Renaissance, religion and philosophy. This essay will explore how the playwrights present the tragic flaws in their heroes’ character and how they face struggles due to their inner conflict…...
HamletShakespeareThe Duchess of MalfiTragedyTragic Hero
“The Duchess of Malfi” by John Webster Drama Analysis
Words • 1304
Pages • 6
The Tragedy of the Dutchesse of Malfy, originally published under this name in 1623, is a Jacobean drama written by John Webster in 1612-13. The play starts off as a love story with the Duchess secretly marrying the steward of the household Antonio; a man beneath her class who she has fallen in love with. This marriage immediately shows the Duchess’ “princely powers” by defying the wishes of her brothers, Ferdinand and the Cardinal, to not marry again after being…...
DramaThe Duchess of Malfi
Ethics and Moral reasoning
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Facing Life While Fighting For an End Every one of us will stare down the face of death at some point in our lives; however, some will face it in much more unpleasant circumstances then others. We all have a right to choose what we want to do with our bodies. We even have the right to decide that we no longer wish to endure the pain and suffering of a terminal illness. Terminal illness is when someone is suffering…...
Ethics And MoralsHealthThe Duchess of Malfi
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How far is it true that the play ‘The Duchess of Malfi’, presents a moral world of Webster’s that is different from the conventional mores?
...Webster presents in his plays, a view of the world where the destructive forces unleash their power on the individual. The inner reality one sees in Shakespearean characters is absent in Webster. He portrays only their outer nature, and even that is ...
Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Shakespeare and Webster Present Hamlet and Bosola as Tragic Heroes.
...Allan, Phillip. Hamlet: Phillip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level. Hodder Education: Oxford shire, 2011. Bell, Millicent. Hamlet, Revenge! The Hudson Review, Vol. 51, No. 2 (Summer, 1998), pp. 310-328. Boas, George. The Evolution of the Tragic Hero....

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