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The Blue Jeans And Anti Fashion Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 4705
Pages • 19
Jeans in the twentieth century get downing were adopted as a sort of anti-fashion- a cognizant, pointed statement that goes against the manner norm and says, : `` I am different and non like you '' - by a group of creative persons in the Santa Fe country. Generally, rational persons took to have oning denims as an designation of their ain group individuality and single position. They were placing themselves with the desolation, the openness and the earthiness of…...
Global Fashion: Who is the Victim?
Words • 688
Pages • 3
A typical 14 year old in the U.K. might be wearing an outfit costing �60 in total. What they don't realize is how that outfit kits them all out in geography. Global fashion is when different parts of the clothing are being made in different countries because it is cheap. This encourages countries to interact. Your outfit, probably links the world together. Take jeans for e.g. the zip of your jeans are made in Japan, Brass rivets and buttons are…...
Diesel Brand Management
Words • 2500
Pages • 10
It was also seen as a way to counteract the unprecedented diffusion of the main denim D-Diesel line which might Jeopardize the exclusivity and status of the brand. Furthermore, Stellar would allow Diesels cherished designers to express their creativity by experimenting with new cuts and fabrics. Reno Ross, Diesel's president and founder, was confident that the right decisions had been made about the name, design, production, pricing and distribution of Stellar, but was still debating what the appropriate branding strategy…...
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Jean Kilbourne’s article “Jesus is a brand of jeans”
Words • 289
Pages • 2
The thesis of Jean Kilbourne’s article “Jesus is a brand of jeans” is that everything in the world is just a stuff to be consumed or to be used to sell people something, and changes peoples’ outlook. Relationships, for example, are used to sell people jewelries for their loved ones. Other advertisements take advantage of emotions to sell their products. Ads create a climate of cynicism. “Ad after ad portays our real lives as dull and ordinary, commitment to human…...
A Short Story Of Denim
Words • 4885
Pages • 20
Jeans is more than simply a cotton material; it inspires strong viewpoints within the hearts of historians, designers, teens, motion picture stars, press reporters and authors. Interest surrounding on passion can be found amongst textile and costume historians today, especially in the argument over the true origins of denim. These specialists have put years of work into their research; here are summarized the prevailing opinions about the birth of jeans, followed by a conversation of the way Levi Strauss &…...
JeansShort Story
Levi’s Strauss: a case study from an organizational plan point of view
Words • 1167
Pages • 5
Levis is undoubtedly one of the most recognizes brand of jeans on the planet. The business found by the Strauss family in 1875, initially manufactured jeans for miners out of tent fabric and canvas. However they later shifted to manufacturing jeans from denim which gained popularity amongst miners during the California gold rush. Strategic elements of an organisational plan The process of developing strategic elements of an organisational plan involves three broad categories. Analysing: Levi’s Strauss analysed its visions, mission…...
Case StudyHuman NatureJeansMarket SegmentationMarketingTarget Market
Entering True Religion Brand Jeans into Mauritius
Words • 567
Pages • 3
In 2002, Jeffrey Lubell founded True Religion-- a brand of premium, vintage-inspired denim. Iconic for its precise fit and bold stitching details, True Religion has grown exponentially as a company and continues to operate according to its mission statement: “…to make quality, American-made, authentic, timeless, great fitting, 1970’s inspired jeans wear, with a trendsetting appeal for today’s consumer” (True Religion Brand Jeans, 2009). The company currently offers a wide variety of apparel and accessories for men, women, and children, and…...
Cultural Artifact Essay – Blue Jeans
Words • 1123
Pages • 5
Blue jeans in the last thirty years have attained such world wide popularity that they have come to be considered an American icon. However jeans have not always been held in high stead, but rather have had a troubled history including its beginnings within the working class movement, being considered unsavory by religious leaders and also seen as a rebellious statement about ‘western decadence’. According to the University of Toronto, no other garment has served as an example of status…...
The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
Words • 2481
Pages • 10
'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie unfolds a number of dimensions of the female role. Set in Edinburgh in the 1930s, we exist with a protagonist whom is a striking female function model in her prideful, controling and sexual powers, powers which we see her usage to obtain her wanted prepare for her 'Brodie set,' the 'creme de la creme.' We see Miss Brodie play a God like figure in the novel, leading, teaching and enforcing her opinions on them…...
Book ReviewCharacterJeansJoan Of ArcLiterary GenrePlays
Operations Management Case Studies
Words • 3802
Pages • 16
1. Introduction This report focuses on the case studies of the Levi Jeans workers and the California Auto Club reengineering customer service. It looks at operations management as a source for gaining a competitive advantage and overcoming potential problems experienced within and organisation or workplace. The questions to be reviewed are as follows: Jeans Therapy - Levi's factory worker are assigned to teams, and morale takes a hit: 1. What went wrong with Levi's move to teams in their plants?;…...
Pepe Jeans- Case Study
Words • 774
Pages • 4
Acting as an outside consultant, what would you recommend that Pepe do? Provided the data in the case, carry out a monetary analysis to evaluate the alternatives that you have identified. (Assume that the new inventory could be valued at six weeks' worth of the annual expense of sales. Use a 30 percent inventory carrying expense rate.) Determine a repayment period for each alternative. Pepe Denim has 3 choices: Not do anything Decline preparation to 6 weeks Develop a factory…...
Levi’s Dockers – Creating a Sub-Brand
Words • 2504
Pages • 11
Explain what is Levi's brand image and what makes up its brand equity. In this regard, assess the role of its flagship 501 jeans product. (40 marks) Brand image can be defined as perceptions about a brand as reflected by the brand associations held in consumer memory. It is basically what exists in the mind of consumers, total of all the information they have received about the brand from experience, word of mouth, advertising, packaging, services etc. And the information…...
AdvertisingBaby BoomersBrandsBusinessFashionJeans
Objective summary for Mk
Words • 267
Pages • 2
The Story MK is about a girl named Jean Fritz who lives in Wuhan, China and then moves to America because of the fighting on the Yangtze River. An MK is a missionary kid who goes to another place to spread the culture of that place. Jean is a young girl who lives with her mother and goes to school at the British School. Once Jean reached Shanghai she learned that she would be staying with the Barretts and their…...
ChinaJeansShort Story
Sagging Pants Essay
Words • 749
Pages • 3
First impressions is one of the most important things people think about when they first meet someone. Meeting someone the first time, and seeing their pants hang below their buttocks, is not of the best first impressions someone can make. Sagging is one of the main trends young men in our community have been exhibiting. It shows that these lads don’t care about what anyone thinks about them and how they appear to people outside of their normal everyday community.…...
Marketing Project (Jeans)
Words • 1018
Pages • 5
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Paige Premium Denim is one of the world's leading denim brands with its signature "perfect fit" and unmatched variety of styles that flatter the body. Paige Premium Denim was founded in 2004 by fit model Paige Adams-Geller on the principle that you don’t have to be a size zero to look great and feel great in a pair of designer jeans. Committed to using the highest quality materials, the denim line infuses considered, unexpected…...
JeansMarket Segmentation
Case Study Report
Words • 467
Pages • 2
INTRODUCTION The entrepreneur in the case study was Alison Barnard. She is very interested in fashion and used the skills she learned while attending Babson's business school to start her own retail store, which is focusing perfect-fitting pair of jeans on women. Barnard started her stores, 26 years old, which is located in Boston's newest neighborhood, the North End, with more than 30 brands of jeans in order to accommodate many body look of her customers. When Barnard isn't at…...
Case StudyJeansTwilight
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Global Fashion: Who is the Victim?
...The main advantages of Globalisation are that TNCs make big profits. There are more jobs available in LEDC's through globalisation. Nike can make more profits by employing more workers in LEDCs. An advantage to the MEDCs is that the if the TNCs in th...

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