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Three-dimensional works of art
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Three-dimensional works of art have a unique characteristic that is different from other art forms. Its tactile quality is its distinct feature that allows viewers to touch the sculptures, crafts, and architectures which are all kinds of three-dimensional art. More so, these type of art pieces are not just painted on a canvass, they are molded, carved and  sculpted to create an object with depth, width and height. The interpretations for three-dimensional artworks can vary depending on the viewer's perception…...
Black Like MeWork
Black Like Me – Book Report
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Pages • 6
For the book report, I read the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. The story takes place in 1959 and revolves around a white man who decides to go to the Deep South undercover as a black man to try to understand what really goes on there. This man, John Griffin, documented his journey from beginning to end in order to make an effort to end racial segregation. For seven weeks, he lived and experienced the horrors that…...
Black BoyBlack Like Me
Analysis Of Oppression in Black Like Me
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Pages • 4
Although numerous people in the 1950s thought that African Americans were inferior to Caucasians, however their theory was wrong since any defects African Americans had at the time was because of the way they were treated, not their race. John Howard Griffin discovers this by altering his skin color and living like an African American. John Howard Griffin was a specialist on race problems when he darkened his skin and went down south to experience what life resembled for an…...
Black Like MeOppression
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Analysis of John Howard Griffin’s “Black Like Me”
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John Howard Griffin's research should undeniably be considered sociological. He began with a theory, if he became black he could help understand the difficulties between races as both a white man and a black man in the south and with this knowledge develop a means to bridge the gap. With this information he developed a micro-theory, trying to explain a limited part of human behavior; why is there hate among blacks and whites? He collected his data in a process…...
Black Like MePsychologyRacismResearchSociologyTheory
T.S. Eliot Preludes Structure
Words • 827
Pages • 4
Prelude IV is the last installment of a four part series of poems from legendary poet T.S Eliot. Like most of Eliot’s writing, including the three other installments of the preludes, Prelude IV criticizes the modern world and the state of humanity living in it. The goal of this essay is to interpret the specific criticisms within the poem as well as analyse its structure as well as its semantics. Structural Analysis Interpretation As previously stated, the core message of…...
Black Like MeCulturePhilosophyPoetryStructureT.S. Eliot
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