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Swarovski Study Case
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Pages • 2
* Nadja continues to foster links with the film industry, first established when Swarovski provided the crystals used to make Marilyn Monroe’s gown for her rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to the American President * Collaborations with top costume and set designers have resulted in Swarovski crystals being featured in films including James Bond, ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, ‘The Young Victoria’ and ‘Black Swan’, to name but a few. Collaborations have also ensued with the music industry and Swarovski crystals have appeared in…...
BeyoncePhantom of The Opera
Compare and Contrast the CD Covers of ‘Dangerously in Love’ by Beyonce and ‘Liberation Transmission’ by Lostprophets
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Pages • 4
I have chosen to look at the genres R&B and Rock. R&B CD covers usually have the artist on the front cover showing off their body and quite a plain background. Rock album covers never show the artist's photo and often and a picture symbolising what they believe in. This is because they both have different star values. A typical mise-en-scene from R&B would be the artist and one from rock would be a large bold title. Beyonc�'s album name,…...
BeyonceCompare And ContrastLiberation
About Songs by Beyoncé
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Pages • 2
How would you treat your significant other if you were to live a day in their shoes? The song "if I were A boy" by Beyoncé makes you re-think how great individuals we are, if we just do what makes us happy and if that's a person, don't take them for granted. Take your chance, or possibly lose your opportunity. The year 2008 Beyoncé release an album called "I Am" Sasha Fierce. "This is a very monumental album for Beyoncé…...
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Coco Chanel vs Alexander McQueen in Fashion Industry
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Pages • 4
When it comes to fashion, you can’t compare Gap to Ralph Lauren or Gucci to Keds. The reality of it all, in order to compare fashion you have to know fashion. Fashion in my words, is a way to show or stand out from the next fashionista or guy. It goes from hair to makeup, clothes to shoes in the sense of being comfortable to a night on the town. The designers, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen, are exactly that…...
BeyonceDesignerFashion Industry
Bob Fosse a Famous Person
Words • 2127
Pages • 9
Bob Fosse, born Robert Louis Fosse on the 23rd June 1927 was an America musical theatre choreographer and director, and a movie director, whom sadly passed away on the 23rd September 1987. He passed away from a heart attack, on the opening night of 'Sweet Charity' which he had actually choreographed. His death was brought on by his busy lifestyle. Lots of people were saddened as he was a major influence and a big part of many individuals lives. Fosse…...
BeyonceEntertainmentFamous Person
Each Generation Has Something Valuable to Offer
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Pages • 5
All throughout the world there are many different genres of music being played and listened to at all time of day. Music has a way of distracting people, making them forget about the world and just focus on what makes them happy. Each person has their own taste in music, the music that makes them happy. Therefore, the songs of the world have defiantly shaped our culture. Would our culture be the same without it? Most people would say “no”…...
BeyonceGenerationMichael JacksonMusic
Beyonce: An Inspiration to All
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Pages • 3
Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter, or much better referred to as Beyonce, is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Beyonce would be thought about an African-American figure of musical motivation since she is the embodiment of effort and dedication. For over 16 years, Beyonce has actually shown to be an icon in the female music industry, not to mention African-American female music industry. Even through household concerns, marital relationship, and organisation complications, Beyonce today is one of the leading artists of the millennium…...
If I Were a Boy Music Video Review
Words • 628
Pages • 3
The artist Beyonce has a fantastic music video, directed by Jake Nava. He is best known for his Anti-gun campaign music video; he also attended University of Westminister. It is about a girl who put herself in a guys shoes. This particular song portrays an R&B genre. Beyoncé is shown as a female police officer arresting a grown, black male who looks to be from an impoverished area. This often times suggests R&B; however, both Beyoncé and the male featured…...
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