Foreign Language Learning: Self-Confidence

Among many qualities that make foreign language learning successful is being confident. Self-confidence is a vital aspect of the learning process; the amount of confidence can affect one’s level of understanding in learning. Confident people will believe in their potential and can motivate themselves to be better. People need to be brave in expressing themselves in learning a foreign language so that they know the extent to which they can speak a foreign language (Sheeba & Karthikeyan, 2018; Akbari & Sahibzada, 2020).

Muhadjir Effendi, Minister of Education and Culture in Indonesia, concurs that self-confidence is no less important than critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and collaboration; Self-confidence will form self-efficacy in individuals (Christy & Maulipaksi, 2018).

Learning a foreign language is not enough just to memorize the vocabulary and grammar, but also have to practice it in everyday life. Practice makes a person’s understanding more optimal because they also learn to understand the other’s accent and context.

From that, people who instill confidence will feel a positive aura that drives them to remain optimistic.

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Putri, Yufrizal & Simbolon (2013) observe that students with high self-esteem got an average of 87.40 in speaking ability, normal self-esteem’s students got 77.80, and low self-esteem’s students got 66.80. This shows that self-confidence is an important asset in learning a foreign language. The higher the level of self-confidence, the more knowledge can be obtained. Those who are confident will appreciate the results of their efforts, and then try to correct mistakes. Therefore, confidence is one aspect that will open up our opportunities in understanding foreign languages.

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