Vanity Is a Virtue

Okay, I’ll admit that I like what I see when I search in the mirror. And despite the fact that I’m quite anxious talking in front of you, recording the attention of a number of trainees, with all your eyes and ears on me, feels very satisfying. Say it. It’s vanity. And yes, I am vain. So, as vain as I am, I’m going to stand prior to you today and show that vanity is not a dreadful thing.

Vanity is an ethical excellence. Foremost, let us scrutinize Mr.

Webster’s meaning of vanity– an extreme pride in one’s appearance, qualities, capabilities, accomplishments, and so on; the character or quality of being vain. Vanity is far beyond that definition. Vanity, after all is not a sin, it’s not a bad thing. Some stated that it is related to pride and that being vain is being futile and worthless. However, I’ll securely say this to you– vanity is more than that, vanity is simply the better side of self-love, self-confirmation.

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Vanity is needed similar to self-esteem. Without vanity we would never ever feel great about ourselves. Seeking self complete satisfaction is after all the type in what living our lives to our max expectations are based.

Simply as self esteem boosts one’s ideas and beliefs, vanity boosts our image and satisfaction of ourselves. We seek all by ourselves in this world. Vanity is supplying self-affirmation of what we believe we are, making us love ourselves more.

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It is self-confirmation, it is understanding the distinction in between what others tell you and what you may or might not be in life, it is getting more respect for ourselves. Although the word “vain” has taken on lots of unfavorable undertones, there’s absolutely nothing basically wrong with it.

Everybody are vain– in our own methods. I am vain since I believe in my abilities and in my spirit that I will be a CPA Legal representative. I am vain since I am happy that I was fashioned in God’s image and similarity. I am vain because I want you to think me, to convince you that vanity is a virtue. Vanity like anything in excess is bad as it surpasses and takes in. Vanity should be tempered with realism and sustainability. As long as we remain in control of our vanity and utilize it to press us to succeed then that’s an excellent thing.

Let me make something clear though: I’m not saying you should be rude, or walk around with an attitude or anything. There’s a big difference between being vain and being arrogant. Another great thing about vanity is that it indirectly makes us take care of our health. Setting our sights on having a perfect physique is a good example. Being optimistic that we could achieve a good health status is another. And on the emotional and social aspect, if we feel good about ourselves and we have that sense of self-acceptance, then loving and accepting others will follow.

After all, being vain and focusing on health as a motivator is a good thing. And vanity is far better than self- deprecation. So, with all that I have mentioned, if your friends start teasing and criticizing you whenever you start holding and posing on the camera, be proud. Whenever you face the mirror and see if you’re looking good, it’s just fine. And whenever vanity strikes, just remember me and all that I have said today. Just keep in mind that, “Virtue would not go to such lengths if vanity did not keep her company. ”

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Vanity Is a Virtue

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