Food waste is a problem that has been around for many years

Food waste is a problem that has been around for many years of our life cycle but sooner or later it's going to catch up with us.Food waste is defined by the leftovers or waste that is left by us because it gets can get bad when we don't use it or when we don't have a place for it because of how much we have been overgrowing for quite some time.When food waste occurs in our environment,it can affect the way the crops we make out of the soil in said environment but by dumping this food waste in the environment and to continue to do this it will slowly start to deplete the resources that gives us the food we need to make.

Food waste will happen when like I said it can be used or there is no place for it in stores,farms,or on the market.It can even be thrown away just because we don't check at all when we think its old and we just throw it out without question when really were throwing perfectly good food that can given out to the public or stored on shelves for use.

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Food waste can be even seen daily if you take a closer look.Let's say you were walking down the street and you were going to school or work and then you pass by a dumpster that looks to be full of something but little do you know there is plenty of food that is being wasted just because they had no room for it and you can even eat it yourself because of the sealed containers they have on the type of food that is in the dumpsters.

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The scary thing though is that might not just be the only dumpster that might have all the food in that could be almost everywhere if you think about it enough because if we waste the much in one dumpster.Imagine what it would look like if there was a whole line of them.Even if we were able to identify this problem and start to try to prevent more of this food waste from going in the trash and dumpsters.Think about how long we have been doing this for, around a few centuries and think how much worse it can get in the future if there was a disaster to happen to the soil or the environment.

If there was any solutions about this problem. It would most likely to have maybe even some type of worldwide announcement about it because most people are not going to be the most aware about it in just documentaries on youtube videas.You sometimes have to make the world see how much it will impact the world of the next generation if we continue to do this to are environment as a whole.If we don't start to care of how much food we are wasting on the earth and just shrug it off until it starts to become a problem for the future generation as whole.It will most likely be either too late to fix the problem at hand or it will be really difficult to because we will never know how the next generation might handle this issue later down the road when it happens.So we need to start being more aware of this issue in are day and age now more than later in are time.Then we won't have to worry about dealing with it when it comes to light and even can destroy are kind if we are not to careful with what we exactly throw away as actual waste or what we throw away as really good food like I said that could be stored in containers for later use for the next generation.So really what i'm trying to say with all of this is we need to pick up the pace of what we are doing to prevent this from happening more often with food waste because the longer we wait to make this happen to improve are world when it starts to fade.Then everything we know and love to eat will most likely start to be on the the low all because we didn't seem to care of what's been happening to the world all of this years.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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