It has been 20 plus years since I have been in school

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It has been 20 plus years since I have been in school and now that I am in the final stage of my four years of Medical School at Matias H. Aznar College of Medicine, I can almost taste the victory. Although I realize that there may be road blocks ahead of me that I am not aware of at this time, I am making a commitment to myself to become successful and I expect myself to do good in every department whether or not I plan to be in that field one day.

The road I have chosen is a long one, but I believe it is the right choice and something I truly desire. Previously, I have always been looking forward to have my rotation in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine as I have heard great things from my co-interns and classmates. I am very excited to learn new things and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead that would shape me to become a better physician one day, such as the required case presentations, oral endorsements, essays, journals, and grand rounds.

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I hope to obtain the knowledge and tools to help me be successful in the future and through hard work and dedication, I will be able to use the things I have learned here in this Department to prosper in my future professional life, even if I will belong in a different specialty one day. I hope to become more confident and proud of myself for the hard work and dedication I have made to each and every department to accomplish my goal.

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Subsequently, my personal goal is to learn as much as I can as to what rehabilitation medicine specialists do and how important they are in the medical field. To achieve this goal, there must be commitment, discipline, desire, and expectations. I expect that there will be many challenges that lie ahead of me as I steadily make my journey to achieving my goals as we are in more that half of our internship and our spirits have already been weakened through the hardships and from being exhausted in the previous rotations. However, I feel that I can overcome any obstacles and face any challenges due to my maturity level and positive outlook. Furthermore, other than the obvious goal of obtaining this medical degree, I finally hope to have the skills, knowledge and tools to obtain further success in my professional life. In order to do that, I have to do well in each rotation and treat each rotation like it is something I could do in the future. I also feel that this rotation will give me more confidence in myself both personally and professionally because we will be given pointers on what to study and know the different cases that are most common in this rotation which could help me in the future. I expect that the education and learnings that I receive here will help me tremendously in my professional career. Other schools don't have rotations in Rehabilitation medicine, and I feel that this is an advanced opportunity that will come in fruition as I go through internship and throughout my medical career.Consequently, I hope to develop skills to be a better communicator both orally and written throughout this rotation. I have always lacked confidence in speaking and I hope to gain skills to have effective oral reports and endorsements. I also hope to develop leadership skills and have confidence in myself and in the decisions that I make. I hope to learn to set priorities and manage my time better both at the hospital and at home. Throughout this rotation, I hope that the fears that I have that don't measure up to what I hope to be will subside and a sense of comraderie will develop with my associates at work. Although we could have our differences, being able to work together on all the requirements and doing good on them could help my group become more close and put all past hurts and differences aside.Since the beginning of internship, I hope the stimulation I felt at that time will continue to grow and ease the fears I have always had about never being good enough. I expect my confidence level to rise during this rotation and as I get more confident, my mind will open up to new ideas and have better ways of doing things. I hope the environment in the department of rehabilitation medicine will foster new ideas that I can use further in my future professional life. Above all, this journey will bring me to a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence that I can instill within me for future years to come. In conclusion, although most of us in this internship program feel overwhelmed with the work and the hardships we have encountered for months, I have realized that sacrifices have to be made in order for one to achieve their goal. Although I might be tired and exhausted and feel overworked from my previous rotations, that wont stops me from doing the best that I can to make sure that the knowledge I obtain especially in this rotation will be worth it and put to good use in the future. The time I must invest in obtaining this degree will require me to give up my sanity at times a little extra free time that I have to finish all the requirements that I know will shape me to become a better physician in the future. This rotation I know is not a vacation, as we have a list of requirement we have to make including this 1000-word essay on my goals and expectations. However, I know that personal and professional growth and successes will be invaluable in the future and I am looking forward to being able to help people now in the present and in the future and this rotation is just one more step I need to accomplish in order to reach my goal.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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