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Food Chemistry

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (477 words)
Categories: Chemistry, Food, Health, Nutrition
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The chemical processes that occur inside food identify its dietary worth, taste, texture and freshness. Like any other organic product, food can decompose over a time period. The value of food chemistry depends on its ability to counter the results of decomposition and putridity and extend the rack life of foods. Food chemistry is a science that studies the chemical processes that happen in food. All foodstuff are made from biological materials that react and engage in various methods, and under various conditions.

Carbohydrates, lipids (or fats) and proteins are the main elements that comprise food. Other elements such as enzymes, water, minerals, additives and coloring are likewise areas of study within food chemistry. This branch of science plays a substantial function in food processing approaches designed to preserve and enhance availability and quality, according to Ohio State University. An understanding of the chemical processes that occur in foods has actually made food products offered on an international scale. Methods developed to counter the decomposition procedure are a central location of research study.

The concepts underlying food chemistry develop the methods that make it possible to harvest, preserve, distribute, shop and prepare foods for human usage, according to Ohio State University. Supermarket are able to supply fresh milk, canned items, microwave meals and frozen foods since of the knowledge gained through food chemistry research studies. Food chemistry plays an integral role within the food science innovations that make international supplies available, according to Ohio State University.

These technologies draw from biology, physics, microbiology, nutrition and engineering to put food chemistry concepts into practice. The techniques used to package and label end-use products must also adhere to Food and Drug Administration requirements. Also of value is the testing and experiments that go into producing tasty foods for customer intake. Foods such as meats and veggies can consist of anywhere from 50 to 95 percent water content, according to Ohio State University.

Water activity involves the amount of water available, or susceptible to chemical and biological reactions within a food product. The amount of water activity present can determine the likelihood that bacterial growth and spoilage will develop within food materials. Chemistry methods work to reduce the amount of water contained in a material, or else counter its effects within a food product. Food quality, consumer satisfaction and government requirements are all factors taken into account when designing food processing and preservation methods, according to Ohio State University.

And while minimal processing enables foods to retain their original nutritional content, the need to extend the shelf life of end products makes processing and preservation methods necessary. The pH level present within a food product is another variable that influences flavor, texture and freshness. A pH level refers to acidity, or the lack thereof, with high acid contents being less susceptible to decomposition, or spoilage, than low acid content foods.

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