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Film Editing Essay Examples

Essay on Film Editing

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Film Editing of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums

Throughout the movie, the Tenenbaums are usually shown doing the same thing, wearing the same outfit with few exceptions. Wes Anderson . Richie Tenenbaum sports a head band, polo shirt, wrist bands and shades even after his glory days as the brilliant tennis player “The Baumer”. (The Royal Tenenbaums 2001) He had been living on a boat for a year, trying to hide his love for his adopted sister ...

Mise en scene

Throughout the history of film making, be it stories of the conquests of ancient times or more recent conflicts, filmmakers have attempted to capture the essence of war. Not until the movie Saving Private Ryan has the dreadfulness of combat been delivered with such intensity and believability. The editor’s timing and placement of the magnificent camera shots and recorded sounds masterfully allow...

Camera work in VERTIGO by Hitchcock

By duplicating the same technique later on, Hitchcock is able evoke the same fear later, just as Scotty experiences it. Hitchcock was ahead of his time. Many of his techniques, like the famous dolly-zoom, have been adopted by other directors and are often seen in films today. Hitchcock’s impact on his audience in 1958 was surely even greater since some techniques were being used for the first ti...

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Analysis of "Raise the Red Lantern"

The most significant change in the film would come during the scene when Meishan is hung. Wells would want to convey Songolian's feeling of fear and confusion and Toland would accomplish this by using a long take beginning when Songolian first sees the lanterns coming through the archway. The camera would then shift to a P.O.V. shot representing Songolian following the men up to the rooftop. Reach...

Little Miss Sunshine Theme Essay

In conclusion an important Idea in Little Miss Sunshine was displayed through the use of Richard, a main character, coupled with various cinematic techniques such as dialogue, camera angles and costume. This helped to show how initially in the Hoover household a winner was someone who always came first and put their goals before everything else, even family. But gradually as the film progressed th...

The Distinctively Visual

The colours which the artist has chosen are earth tones, and there is a strong overall contrast of dark and light. The implied lines of the gun lead the viewer’s eye to the focal point. His outstretched arms form a "V" line. This line is reiterated in the collar and pants of the man. In contrast we see the faces of the Spanish countrymen; we see their fear, pain, defiance, and belief. The light...

Battleship Potemkin as Propaganda

It’s clear that in establishing tension and invoking audience response, Eisenstein’s montage was a particularly effective technique. However, one has to impose a question of morality. Is it really right to preach political ideologies through such a powerful, manipulative method? When trying to gather interest for the movie within Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, David Selznick sent a memo to producer Harr...

A Synopsis of the Movie The Hurt Locker

When Renner cuts the seat of the car, the shot creates a sound edit. The audience is still experiencing the high emotions from the intercutting shots between Sanborn and James when the frame cuts to black and the sound of the cutting shocks the audience into believing that someone has been shot. Fittingly, the ripping of the material by Renner further establishes his character as a stupid or blind...

A Study of Sergei Eisenstein’s Montage Theory

Tonal Montage. Generally a level higher than metric montage, this style is created by the specific scene’s emotional tone. Vakulnichuk’s death in Potemkin, somber and sedate, appears in complete contrast to the steps sequence’s fast cuts. With each shot’s length at five seconds, this sequence serves as caesura, or a device to provide transition from the previous scene of violence to the ci...

Howl's Moving Castle Film Techniques

The last example is when Sophie and Howl go to the new portal to the flower fields it is a long shot to show the good and beautiful view. Secondly there is a great variety of audio techniques. There is hissing and creaking sound effects when the moving castle walks by in the beginning of the movie which is a digetic sound effect. The pleonastic music at the beginning when the clouds cover the cast...

A Touch of Frost

We are left on a cliff-hanger as we do not get to find if Billy did commit a crime this could make some people feel quite affectionate or sorry towards Billy because of his disability others could take an opposite view on it and they could think that Billy was quite perceiving and cunning and that he shouldn’t be treated or thought of any differently from the rest of us just because he has a dis...

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