Film Adaptation Analysis of The Importance of Being Earnest

The movie "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a film adaptation with a comedic role, stimulating the escape of social obligations. There is fictitious portrayal of characters that depicts a real-life scenario, indicating the significance of having a conventional way of dealing with social challenges. The main issue is to prevent social problems that usually affect an individual, affecting their social and psychological welfare. In this position, the reviews from this movie adaptation gained popularity in modern literature for depicting the realistic way of promoting social norms.

This paper aims to discuss the significance of the film portrayal on "The Importance of Being Earnest." It seeks to find out the relevance of the movie portrayal and personification of the modern society.

The summary of the movie adaptation represents the ability of a person to utilize their social and emotional well-being when dealing with rapport with other individuals. There are serious and determined, characters that can become serious and unable to find their own actions funny.

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The starting point of the storyline indicates the flamboyant during the early part. On the end, part of the movie indicates the colorful nature of the adult characters. One main depiction is the responsibility of a person to become responsive in nature.

The movie starts to stimulate on the early childhood stage. The character wants to let the audience know that there are colorful insights that a person can observe during their demanding years. Each character starts going to school learning formal things not guided by their own parents but instead by their second parent as we call their teachers.

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The characters during the play now learning language and gaining a sense of self and greater independence, and is beginning to learn the workings of the physical world. In this stage of human development, a child can also develop his/her characteristics and a lot of factor can affect this development. Being earnest in this stage of human being is still important. Because in this stage, a person should be serious especially with his/her actions since he/ she is still discovering things in the physical world. A child should be earnest with their actions for them to avoid the wrong doings that a person can engage socially with other people, especially to the people at their same age (Walsh, n.p.). In this stage, a child is also developing language as they communicate, a person should be serious with this matter for them to differentiate the proper words that they will be using with their communication and avoiding bad words that are unpleasant to hear. In this stage a parent's/guardian's presence is very important to guide a child and always advise them that everything in this world is not just a game and take something seriously as they grow.

The film then presents the issues on middle childhood stages of an individual. This is now the stage where learning and testing new academic skills and by assessing our abilities and accomplishments, comparisons may occur in this stage between our self and others. Our growth rates slow down and we are able to refine our motor skills at this point in life. The characters begin learning on social relationships. This is beyond the family through interaction with friends and fellow students because at this stage we usually spent more of our time in school. This stage a child is now in their testing period with their academic skills that are important to improve their development in character. It is important in this stage that a child should be earnest for them to determine their areas of strength for them to focus on it and be an expert in the future.

During the working stage, the movie starts to show physical appearance that dramatically changes by an overall physical growth as we call it puberty stage. It is also a time of cognitive change as the adolescent begins as we now starting to think the conceptions about love, fear, and freedom. Ironically, adolescents have a sense of responsibility that puts them at greater risk (Jones, n.p.).

It is very important for an adolescent to take things seriously since this stage is the make it or break it factor in their adulthood stage. When it comes to love/sexual relationship it is important to be earnest especially in choosing our partner because if we just take things for granted this may lead to teen age pregnancy and affect our studies and in a long run affect our carrier in the near future. Being an adolescent, this is the stage we became adventurous in all things, we should be too serious in our decision making that might affect safety since in this stage the risk of dying in an accident is very high by just taking the adventure that we want in life.

In the twenties and thirties are often thought of as early adulthood. It is a time when we are at our physiological peak but are most at risk for involvement in violent crimes and substance abuse. It is a time of focusing on the future and putting a lot of energy into making choices that will help one earn the status of a full adult in the eyes of others. Love and work are primary concerns at this stage of life. This is the stage where we should be earnest in the decision that we are making. Since its still about ourselves, and involve our personal life as a human being (Hood, n.p.). It is important to take some of the things too serious because in this stage if we take things for granted the consequence that will be facing are a lot harder and it will surely affect our entire life. That's why it is very important to be too serious in the decision that we are making in this stage.

The movie indirectly portrays the self-awareness actions during the middle adulthood. This is a period in which aging, that began earlier, becomes more noticeable and a period at which many people are at their peak of productivity in love and work. It may be a period of gaining expertise in certain fields and being able to understand problems and find solutions with greater efficiency than before. This stage is when we usually have our own family and career. So at this stage, being earnest is very important in all aspects because it is not just affecting ourselves but can also affect our career and mostly our family. So if we take things for granted in this stage just like not taking our partners in life seriously, the family will be compromised also with our career. If we don't take it seriously, it will be taken away from us and a domino effect the family as well will be affected.

At the end of the movie, there is a message, making us realize that we should follow the former categorization and make the distinction between the "young old" who are people between 65 and 79 and the "old old" or those who are 80 and older. One of the primary differences between these groups is that the young old are very similar to midlife adults; still working, still relatively healthy, and still interested in being productive and active. The "old old" remain productive and active and the majority continues to live independently, but risks of the diseases of old age such as arteriosclerosis, cancer, and cerebral vascular disease increases substantially for this age group. Issues of housing, healthcare, and extending active life expectancy are only a few of the topics of concern for this age group in the movie (Billiongton, n.p.).

As a "young old" although is quite similar as the young adulthood category. It is important to be earnest in our life for the reason that we still need to be too serious especially in our career for the reason that we still need to prepare for our retirement. Comparing to the young adulthood, we maybe be now lenient with the decisions for our own family; since our children at this point have their family or they are already living independently. But we still need to be earnest to our job since we are already in our retirement age so we need to focus on our savings for our transition to the "old old" stage. Being in the so called "old old" stage of being in the late adulthood category we may say that we are now enjoying the fruit of our hardship seeing our children living on their own with a successful career also because of your hardship during late adulthood stage. It is still very important to be earnest at this stage of life we should be very serious especially on our health since we are already prone to different diseases brought by our age. Being too serious in the healthy lifestyle as they say is a must together with a proper exercise.

The learning insight of the film symbolizes the nature of having the idea of reflection from our past activities. The characters in the play emphasized the importance of relating our present and past experiences to our character. The moral of getting away from obligation indicates that we are having a despicable way of determining the social awareness of the society regarding the influence of maintaining a sense of responsibility in our actions. There are rules in life that everyone must have to obey so that we show others how we discipline ourselves with the existing rules to improve our professional standards. I recommend the film to other audiences due to its relative way of presenting how important rules are to our personal and professional lifestyle (Foster, n.p.).

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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