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John wick Movie Review

...Action movies ought not to depend on character or story depth. In its place, they have to hinge on action. In the movie “John wick”, what John lacks in personality advancement and contextual story is compensated for in action. Most of the film is composed of scenes centering on John devastating his adversaries with a flawless objective and unmistakably controlled training. John might seem small, but a real destroyer when in action as presented in the film with close to...

Worldviews Observed in the Film “A River Runs Through It”

...Aside from a biblical worldview depicted in the beginning a postmodern worldview is shown while the boys are running around and stop to look at some women who are standing outside what appears to be a brothel. The boys are also involved in a scuffle with some other young boys. While Paul and Norman are raised in a religious home with very strict rules it’s clear that they are surrounded by people with different upbringings from theirs. Their day-to-day activities show how they interact with th...

Law abiding citizen movie review

...Overall the film was well worth my time. It was full of action and suspense. The quality of the film, to me, was superb. Everything from the acting, set, music, to the script, and the costumes were spot on. This movie opened my eyes to some of the things our justice system needs to greatly improve on. I enjoyed the well thought out storyline and how everything unfolded. It kept my attention and kept me eager to see what would happen next. As crazy as it is to think, situations where murders and ...

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Soundtrack analysis of "The Dark Knight Rises"

...In conclusion, I personally enjoyed the soundtrack while watching the film and didn’t think much about how the music evoked my emotions, but more how it seemingly framed each scene with the correct tone of darkness and anticipation. However, when I listened to the soundtrack without the film, I realized how emotionally connected I have become to the characters in the film. During parts of this soundtrack I could feel my heart rate increase as I focused on the pounding drums, knowing that Bane ...

Play Hamlet vs. Mel Gibson's movie version

...As a result of these modifications, I felt this version of Hamlet was more fast-paced and engaging. It did not drag. I appreciated this production over the other Hamlet films I have seen, because it was made more interesting through director’s shifting camera technique. The setting and costumes of this play were also historically accurate for that time period. And the lighting was well done -not too dark. As far as the actors go, Mel Gibson gave an energetic interpretation of the melancholy H...

Comic books

...Speaking of Rorschach’s mask in terms of representation in both versions: in comic book mask was changing, but due to media of comics, we could only see specific patterns, which were deliberately drawn as something straightforward to emphasise what character was going through, or just like vague patterns as audiences’ personal test, especially when Rorschach was facing towards reader in close ups. This ingenious way of creators to establish once again comic book’s media and their understan...

?omparison between watching movies at home or at the cinema

...Furthermore, we will have the quiet and nighty atmosphere and we won’t be worrying about disturbing from others while we are watching. In fact when we grab our family or our friends to watch a movie at the cinema, this could be a good and memorable experience. However cinemas do have some disadvantages such as going to the cinema could be more expensive than watching the movie at home, we may not like to sit next to stringers and even we maybe have to be aware of them. Also we have to follow ...

Reign Over Me Evaluation

...They story is not far-fetched and is very comparable to the realities of many people today. As far as the acting is concerned, both actors play a side the viewer is not accustomed to seeing compared to other movies Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle are known for. Other movies like, Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) or Brooklyn’s Finest (Don Cheadle), these actors have very different parts. This movie shows the talent in each of the individual actors. Both actors play off each other during the movie whic...

?The Effects of Horror Movies on Children

...It's common for many children to be scared of the dark, loud noises and creepy-crawly bugs. While these fears typically dissipate with age, they tend to linger or intensify when children watch scary and violent movies. For example, watching a movie about ghosts may make a little one more scared of open closet doors in a dark bedroom. Fears are real to little ones, and if a child does watch a scary movie, it's important for parents to talk to him about how scary monsters and other characters aren...

The Pursuit of Happyness

...Even though Chris did not use a Rubik’s cube in real life it could have been possible, because the Rubik’s cube had just been released in 1980 and was internationally popular in 1981, the same time period the movie is based in. Before Chris was a trainee he was selling medical supplies to make money. This meant he spent a lot of his time going from hospital to hospital trying to sell his supplies. In the movie Chris did sell medical supplies, but he only sold bone density scanners. This was ...

Ashford Week 1 Quiz Eng225: Intro Film


Belonging is a fluid notion

...Ones understanding of social identity are instrumental in constructing a sense of individual identity. In conclusion both texts demonstrate the key idea that belonging to oneself comes from first – an understanding of the world. Dickinson’s isolation was a calculated choice, much like that of Nina. This decision sprung from their dedication to their arts and an understanding of the world outside their mind. It defines the idea that our perceptions of connection and disconnection are crucial ...

"Witness" by Peter Weir

...Policemen in the film are not represented in a very favorable light. Ford himself, though on the side of justice, has to be just as ruthless as the criminals. The corrupting influence of the city affects the police also. In Amish society Women are portrayed in a rather stereotypical fashion: they are submissive to men, they are there to be looked at, they are strong in their sense of moral duty. We see this clearly in the barn building, where the women are there to provide support for the men wh...

Reaction Paper on 3 Idiots Movie

...The movie may not be considered as an “obra maestra” but it embodies important, inspirational and life changing lessons that is not commonly seen in most films. There are only a handful of movies that can transform their audiences into better persons in just two and a half hours. Lastly, The film should be part of the curriculum of both college and high school students as well as vocational schools in order to fully impart the valuable lessons in the film with the hope that the film would br...

Rabbit Proof Fence Filming Techniques

...Another point in the film worth mentioning is the use of lighting, Different lighting techniques enable the notion of the journey being the thing that matters to be conveyed to the viewer. They use a technique in lighting to create lighting specific to the girls’ moods and this can infer location, time, emotion and the general changing nature of the journey; from a stealthy slow chase to a sprint for their lives; from starvation or unrelenting temperature change to nourishment. After reviewin...

Cinema Only Entertains; But Does Not Educate the Masses

...Secondly it is the films for the children. These types of films generally consist of unreal and imaginative things that there has been no record of it over the years. It would be greatly based of a superhero with super powers, which after a long unending struggle defeats the atrocious villain. There have been cases of young children, losing their lives in the attempt to fly like their super hero’s. And things of this kind do not educate the children in any manner; but films like these are the...

Philippine Cinema: An in-depth Analysis

...Atty. Espiridon Laxa (President of Philippine Motion Pictures Producers Association) narrated the traits of Filipino films and the reason on why it always cater sad stories in his speech – “When our film industry came into existence in 1917, rather than functions as an art expectedly to reflect the different facets of Philippine life it became a medium of expressing the sadness of a people who suffered from foreign domination after another. This why so many years the local films depicted so...

Film “The Black Balloon”

...The characters were evolved throughout the film as they showed high courses of emotion and heavy scenes of action. Observers showed relevance to the characters of the film as they saw the rich lust of romance and family belonging. The coming of age of Thomas Mollison reached out to modern audience and distinguished the hardship of issues grieved throughout a young teen’s life. Thomas showed emotions of happiness and sadness while overcoming issues and representing himself as a strong young ad...

Is winning everything?

...Winning isn't everything, because it is important to accept defeat. Especially in life, there will be times when you will lose in situations. It is important to accept the loss and move on. The main idea in competitive situation is to do your best and if you lose, dust yourself off and try again. This is idea is showcased through the film Cool Running’s and this is reinforced through a speech given by John Wooden, in which he talked about the difference between winning and succeeding. Main the...

Essay The perfume

...Grenouille is a unique being, grenouille means frog and a toad in the animal kingdom is the only animal that has no tail that makes a being only as baptize jean. As I said before we cannot say that the book is very best that we can simply say the movie is different because it was the adaptation of the writer not what you fancied. The script of the film is written not by the writer of the book but by someone else, then we can understand why they are so different in so many ways and as emphasis to...

Mise en Scene in Nosferatu

...The movie’s total ambiance and mis en scene are vastly superior to that of the plot and acting, to such a level as to allow the cinema world to dissect the film piece by and study from the inspiring and largely accredited director Murnau, whose expressionist views and interpretations made the classic “A Symphony of Horrors” is today. With mis en scene and camera angles, as well as lighting and setting, Murnau combined so delicately as to achieve this work of art that shall be studied for y...

Dances with Wolves

...The costumes were very realistic and and well made. The film was quite advanced being made in the time period it was. St. David’s field in Tennessee had a lot to offer the creation of the movie. The significance of the set was the vast landscape performed on. The great prairie has no limit on space which I feel the film benefited greatly from. The buffalo hunt could not have been filmed differently in regards to the land. Also the amount of horseback riding was greatly influenced by the pletho...

Whale Rider Analysis

...3) Counter cinema and female-gaze cinema are both forms of film that are opposed to the dominant forms in Hollywood. Kord and Krimmer state that most films “fail to represent real issues facing women today”, and Whale Rider is a film that definitely does not apply to this criteria. This movie portrays woman quite realistically, and their realistic problems as well. The problems shown range from issues relating to bodily functions, to the issues that go along with attempting to break out of t...

Life without social media

...A Trip to the Moon was the first science fiction film; the first of it’s kind ever. It was extremely popular and helped the cinema market transition into narrative films. Not to take away from Porter, The Great Train Robbery took what Méliès did and took to a whole complete level and help solidify narrative films spot in the cinema market. Comparing these films is like comparing the IPhone to the IPhone 5, of course the IPhone 5 is better and more effective at doing it’s job then the orig...

The Movie "Every Child Is Special"

... Adults should not demand that their kids top all their subjects so that they can live out the unfulfilled ambitions of their parents. Each child is special in the sense that they have their own calling, which may or may not be in line with what their families want. Moreover, as an OT, I highly regard this movie for advocating the “disability perspective”: that there are a lot of special children who have given up trying to meet age-appropriate demands because of disabilities. Every Child I...

Film Pre-Production Essay

...Location permissions are also needed to be granted or again the owner of the location may sue if film there is released, and any other rules set by regulatory bodies within the production of a film should also be followed. Material also plays an important role in the planning of a film, with research on the film being needed making sure the story hasn’t been done before and if it has, how you can make your production stand out more individually. Also there will be certain generics of the genre...

Sergei Eisenstein vs Andre Bazin

...Just because Eisenstein finds meaning through unraveling symbolic juxtaposing images being slammed back to back and Bazin through studying the event (fact) when there is no need to interrupt the fact with more images. So whose ideology achieves true cinematic truth? Bazin’s realism or Eisenstein’s Kino-Fist formalism? Well, the conclusion one might draw is that there is no ‘right or wrong’ way. Both ideologies have their places but, ironically, they are incomplete without each other. Baz...

Film Techniques

...Lighting creates either a bright scene or a dark scence to create an ambience. Lighting does many things: tells whether if it is day or night, it creates an atmosphere and a mood. It can help focus attention towards a specific part of the scene. Music is very important in a film. Although many viewers do not realsie the music it helps to create a mood and an atmosphere. Sound effects are easy to recognise. They are the simple sounds that can do so much more than the audience thinks. If it is the...

Eastern Stars Shining In The West

...For others that do not seek a lesson from listening to songs, the fast rhythms and beats of some Asian songs can be a reason good enough for them to admire Asian singers. As aforementioned, Psy is now a sensation worldwide even though he sings in Korean. Music is a universal "language" everyone understands. While some people nowadays still insist on the importance of having an introspective message in a song for it to be good, some define good songs as those with catchy beats. Given the fact tha...

Informative speech outline


Cinema and its impact on our lives

...Nowadays there is no real doubt that the movies has become a powerful force in contemporary life. We can’t imagine our life without cinema. Besides pleasure and opportunity to relax and forget our everyday troubles it gives us a lot of useful information. Cinema plays a very important role in the development of the human society. Good films teach people to love and respect each other, give them new ideas and make them think about the things they have not thought about before. Cinema is a new a...

IMAX’s business level strategy

...In long term, because IMAX has all these great technologies, and more stable financial supports, they should focus on developing its own movies. IMAX also should launch more marketing campaigns to promote its movies in order to maintain the brand image, and place more emphasis on its educational and entertaining functions. IMAX may develop some sub brands for example like, Smart Imax Kids, or Learning with Imax which only located at institutional environments and integrate with the ride simulati...

A Beautiful Mind

...Okay, so going back to my main points. From the very first scene of the film great characterization by the actors and the use of a wide range of techniques particularly cinematography, special effects and pace have been used to make this film successful in capturing the viewers interest. The makers and actors involved in the creation of A Beautiful Mind have continued these techniques throughout the movie to make for an exiting twist helping keep a steady pace and sustaining the viewers interest...

The Movie Exhibition Industry

...On the flip-side of new release is the issue of studios having shorter time windows between theatrical releases and DVD release. To help capture those consumers who didn’t go to the theatre for the initial release and may decide to wait until the DVD, you could lower the ticket price for pictures that have been out for more than four weeks. By doing this consumers may be willing to spend slightly more than a DVD rental to see the movie sooner and on the big-screen. Ideally, all of these patron...

Is Music is purely for relaxation

...Nevertheless, music is also used for evil purposes. Martial music is written especially to mobilise troops before going in a battle and to incite soldiers. This type of music helps and makes them mentally strong to face their enemy. Also music is a vehicle for propaganda. In U.S.S.R music was used to brainwash people in order to make them believe in communism as religion. With the help of music, musicians can express their hatred. Eminem usually express hatred in his songs for gays and lesbians....

"Raisin in the Sun"- Play vs Movie

...The strong character of Mama is the idealist in this situation, the one who just wants to better her families situation. The scene goes on to show Walter's digust at his mother's decision but I believe there is more there as well. This decision of Mama's not only goes against his dreams but I believe it shows a glimpse into his psyche. I believe Walter views this decision of Mama's as undermining his responsibilities as the man of the house. Not only can he not provide for his family but he isn'...

The Pros & Cons of Media

...People who see the commercials or hear about them get misleading ideas. Some go out, purchase a product and are bewildered by its lack of resemblance to the advertised merchandise. For instance, in fast food restaurant commercials they show the prefect burger- full of crisp, green lettuce, juicy tomatoes and wrapped in a soft, fresh bun. However, in reality, they are totally the opposite, flattened food squashed between soggy bread patties. Before you pay attention to media, just take into consi...

The Usual Suspects - Film Analysis

...The scene of Verbal walking outside of the police station and lighting a cigarette is again this recurring imagery, a medium and close-up shot of this same stance which is emphasized innumerably throughout the movie's entirety. Again pleonastic music is used to increase the irony of the detective's quotes "I'm smarter than you. You're a crippled and dumb person. That's why he chose you..." A final close up shot of Verbal smiling "...and he vanished just like that", as if he was actually the 'dev...

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