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Feminist Parenting

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (826 words)
Categories: Parent, Parenting
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Thesis: It is my objective to prove the goals found within feminist parenting centers on the notions children should be raised in nonviolent ways while simultaneously avoiding instilling any sexist biases which ultimately so as to develop an intuitive sense of self esteem in the child. I. Children must be parented in nonviolent ways while avoiding instilling sexist biases. A. People are used to seeing the mother be the disciplinarian and have a tendency to ignore female violence abuse. B. Female abuse of children is seen as equally horrendous as male abuse.

(hooks 75)

C. Some women feel guilty about the absence of a male figure in the home. (hooks 72) 1. Some women become hyper-vigilant about imparting sexist values to children. 2. Some women potentially plant the seeds of sexist biases into these children, especially male children. II. Parents need to develop healthy self-esteem in their children. A. When sexist and anti-sexist biases are not the standards used to judge behavior, boys and girls will usually develop healthy self-esteem.

III. Parents should not dominate children and treat children as mere parental property.

Adult violence against children remains a norm in our society. (Hooks 73) Chapter 14-Liberating Marriage and Partnership “Feminism is for Everybody” Thesis: Sexist unions are those situations where men own, control, and treat women as property and women become trapped in a marriage that is little more than sexual slavery; this unfair standard found in monogamous marriage impelled women to become autonomous in marriage. I. Sexist unions where men own, control, treat women as property are abhorrent. A. Men reinforce the idea that the female body is property belonging to the male she has become married to.

(hooks 79) II. Sometimes women become treated as sexual slaves in a marriage. A. Feminists advocating an end to sexual slavery also called attention to the prevalence of marital rape. (hooks 79) 1. Feminists championed the rights of women to express sexual desire, initiate sexual interaction, and to be sexual fulfilled. (Hooks 79) 2. Many women in patriarchal relationships were not able to have satisfying sex. (hooks 80) III. The unfair standard in monogamous marriage impelled women to desire autonomy in marriage.

The double standard in relationship to a form of marriage that condemned females who were neither virgins nor faithful lovers, but condoned males had promiscuous and random sexual relationships. B. Feminism focuses on calling attention to sexual pleasure gave women the voice to critique and challenge male sexual behavior. 1. Women can protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases when they are able to choose their own partners. 2. All recent studies demonstrate that gender equity creates successful marriages. The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution – “Feminist in our time”

Shulamith Firestone’s essay “The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution” contains ideas that are both supporting and contradictory of bell hooks’ book, “Feminism is for Everyone. ” (In particular, this refers to a comparison to Chapter 13 and 14 of hooks’ tome). Centrally, Firestone’s work expresses that gender inequality exists within the framework of nature and a great deal of work must be undertaken to reverse the effects of this ‘natural order. ’ I. Both Firestone and hooks discuss oppression within the family unit.

Marriage remains a variant on sexual slavery. 1. Women were the slave class… (Firestone 246) 2. Feminists demanded an end to sexual slavery… (hooks 79) B. The female body was property belonging to the male in which she was betrothed. C. Child-rearing is a woman’s duty. 1. Note the freeing of women from the tyranny of their reproductive biology. (Firestone 247). a. Reproduction of the species cost women dearly. (Firestone 246) b. Individual feminist who critiqued biological determinism… often embraced it when it came to the issue of mothering. (hooks 83).

Most people in our society prescribe to the belief that women are better at raising children than men. (hooks 83) a. Feminist interventions called attention to the value and importance of male parenting both in regards to the well-being of the child as well as becoming a symbol of gender equity. (hooks 82) b. Diffusion of childbearing and the responsibilities of childrearing play a role to society as a whole and include men as well as women. (Firestone 247) II. Firestone and hooks devise different demands for women. A. hooks prefers women partake equally in marriage and childrearing responsibilities.

The feminist movement will spend less time critiquing patriarchal marriage bonds in an effort to show the value of peer relationships that are founded on principles of equality. (hooks 84) B. Firestone wants women to be better satisfied. 1. We need to start talking about new alternatives that will satisfy emotional and psychological needs. (Firestone 256)

Works Cited List

Hooks, Bell. Feminism is for Everybody. Cambridge, MA: South End Press, 2000: 72-84 Firestone, Shulamith. “The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution. ” Feminism in our Time. Schneir, Miriam. New York: Vintage Books, 1994. 245-256

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