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Family Education

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (672 words)
Categories: Education, Family
Downloads: 33
Views: 152

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to be here to give you a presentation. First of all, I have several questions for all of you. (PPT) How much do you know about your children? (Is there any teacher would like to share some ideas?) As for students, do you communicate with your parents often? Can you talk like close friends? Well, your answers can be quite different as your parents from distinct backgrounds have their own means of parenting.

So today,(PPT) I am going to talk about family education, something important during our early age and may influence us a lot in future’s life. Particularly, I will compare family education between western families and Chinese households to highlight some significant factors.

First of all, I found a macroscopical view about the obvious difference between Chinese and western family education on the internet (PPT) that said everything is provided for kids in China and parents advocate free development in western countries.

Since it states only part of the picture, now let’s enjoy a small performance carried out by my classmates, which may give you an impressive and clear sight of what the difference actually is. (PPT)This is a situation that shows the reaction of parents from China and a western country respectively when their kids plan to do a wild adventure. (PPT)

Well, now I hope you all can have this sort of feeling after you enjoy the show, (PPT)that the purposes of parenting is definitely the same around the world. Whereas, different instructive concepts and approaches create the distinguishing circumstances for children to grow up. (PPT)

So, I am going to explain the difference in three main aspects as I suppose: (PPT) the extent that parents respect and value children’s self-will; the protection that parents offer to their kids; and the styles of communication between parents and children in daily life. (PPT) In the first place, western parents are relatively more democratic and care more about the development of children’s personalities and thoughts. However, they may neglect those enticing affairs which might mislead the young kids. In contrary, Chinese parents want their kids to grow up in the way they set for their children. In this case, kids seem to have no opportunities to try those things they may have more interests and talents in.

(PPT) Secondly, many parents in China are against kids doing things with danger, because they are afraid of children getting hurt to affect their physical growth. But in western families, parents are likely to encourage kids to meet challenges and experience adventures, as well as give children enough space to cultivate their independence. (PPT) Thirdly, while western parents usually talk to their children like friends or colleagues, with sharing their opinions to expand kids’ own ideas and teach them how to think, some Chinese parents are confused about the ways communicating with their children. They desire their kids to understand and even support their educating methods without realizing that their children may have already been weary about the parenting.

Well, have you gained something new about the difference between family education in China and western nations from above description? (PPT) I want invite you to witness the change of parents’ attitudes from China and that western country toward the situation we mentioned at the beginning of my presentation. Welcome my classmates again.

Thanks them very much for enriching my speech.(PPT) Well, I believe that a conclusion may be came out now, that the successful family education can be the result of cultivation of one’s morality and positive attitude toward life. (PPT) What is more, whoever Chinese parents or western parents should both pay more attention on building the equal and closer relationship with their children, as well as treat them as special individuals, then the kids are likely to have a better opportunity to grow up in this kind of atmosphere.

(PPT) Overall, I’d like to add that if we are more creative and optimistic, there will be a wonderful future for all of us.

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