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Export Marketing Strategies

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (507 words)
Categories: Marketing
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Prime Motors Ltd will export PrimeElec through a leading passenger car manufacturer in India with an excellent distribution and service network. It will offer the fully loaded version of the car with air conditioning, power window and centralized locking system at $ 5000. The company will develop and manage an integrated communication strategy to build profitable customers relationships on a long-term basis. The objectives of the communications strategy will be to create awareness and interest in the new product in general and the brand PrimeElec in particular and will be advertising centric.

The young, talented, stylish and upcoming tennis star Sania Mirza will be chosen as the brand ambassador as she is respected and viewed as a young person with moderate roots who has risen steadily against all odds in a game that is perceived to be new to the country. She embodies energy and a controlled passion for life and is innovative, creative, dependable and exciting like the new PrimeElec.

She will appear in television campaigns to be aired on networks that run popular soap operas at the prime time.

She will also appear on in-store posters, and in company catalogues. The brand will also be advertised using billboards heavily in big cities as people will be sitting in congested Indian traffic and they will be more likely to notice these billboards and will have time to reflect on them longer than most communications they see throughout the day. This will also be supported by print advertising in leading magazines and news papers in different parts of the country.

The company will also carry out heavy public relations activities at the initial stage through press releases to all of the major newspapers and magazines in all the languages and in all the major cities across the country to stimulate interest. It will then follow this up with grassroots marketing efforts by having demonstrations on the streets of all the major cities showcasing the new electric car and its features. There will be scope for the potential customers to try out the car and experience firsthand its performance and its capabilities.

All the communication activities will be reinforced by highly trained and friendly sales personnel of the company who will support both the dealers and the final consumers. Conclusion To sustain and grow in today’s highly competitive business environment companies need to develop innovative products. They also need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization phenomenon. Prime Motors Ltd has successfully developed an innovative electric car with the brand name PrimeElec. To succeed in the newly emerging Indian market it needs to evolve and implement sound export marketing strategies.

References Auto industry in India, retrieved December 16, 2008, from http://www. investmentcommission. in/automobiles. htm Albaum, Gerald, Duerr, Edwin. & Strandskov, Jesper. (2006), International marketing and export management, London: Pearson Education Inc Einhorn, B. and Kripalani, M. (2003). Move over India, Business Weekt. Farrel, Christopher. (1994, November), The Triple Revolution, Business Week, special Bonus Issue. India economy overview. Retrieved December 16, 2008, from http://www. economywatch. com/indianeconomy/indian-economy-overview. html

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