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Relationship Marketing an Strategies

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1690 words)
Categories: Business, Government, Marketing, Relationship, State
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Relationship marketing is a process whereby a strong connection is developed with the customers through communications and building customer loyalty. This is done through communicating your brand with your customers. Naidoo (1983:25) defines relationship marketing as attracting maintaining and in multi service organizations enhancing good customer connections. The relationship is attained through mutual exchange of information and commitment.

Determining if the business has any relationship strategies

The organization that has been chosen is Local government in Lesotho.

Local government in Lesotho was established in the 1960s though it went through some transition since its formation it is still existing even to date. According to Kapa (2005:15) Local government history in Lesotho can be traced from as early as 1960s when there were nine districts councils whose functions were abolished, and they were later taken by different government departments and traditional chiefs.

Ismael et al. (1997:3), who posit that local government exists for two principal reasons, namely, service delivery and promotion of democracy.

In the government the strategies will differ because government is an entity which is not profit orientated but focuses on service delivery and value for money on the services that are being provided. In this regard relationship marketing will be fostered through good governance, public participation which is done through public gatherings and delivery of services to the communities.

This paper will focus on this organization and try to find out if it has the relationship strategies, the analysis will be on the strategy for two different markets and comment on the success rate of it and indicate whether the strategy is practiced accordingly. Furthermore, a motivation of whether how the strategy can be improved If the organisation does not have relationship strategies, the learner will have to develop a relationship strategy for one product or service of the organisation for two different target markets.

The White Paper outlines the main political commitment and the objective of the envisioned local government system in Lesotho. This political commitment is highlighted in the three objectives.

Deepening and widening access to the structures of Government in Lesotho and giving the electorate greater democratic control over development processes and making public institutions more accountable to elected representatives.

Moving decision making, resource allocation and district level planning and local development and public services physically closer to the people

Distributing Government of Lesotho human, institutional and infrastructural resources and capacity equitably across the country (Government of Lesotho, 1996:1).

Relationship marketing as indicated above on this essay, states that it involves initiating and improving good connections with customers and different stakeholders at a profit so that the goals are achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfillment of the set goals by all parties involved. Even though local government is a government entity which is nonprofit making there is still value for money as results are achieved through good service delivery towards communities which is the primary objective of this institution.

The relationship strategies that are being used in Lesotho Local government will be discussed below:


Communication is a form of dialogue between different people about a certain issue or about a product or service. Through public gatherings in this area the people air their views about service delivery within their areas. The communities’ inputs are taken into consideration and feedback is also given to the people.

Communication is done frequently to the people through newsletters and through face to face discussions about new developments that are taking place in this organization. For instance, the picture below from Thaba Tseka urban council shows how people get involved through public participation.

Information dissemination

Information should be shared with all citizens about delivery of services that they are entitled to have. If a civil servant does not have all the required information, they should try to find out and help the citizens out. Clarity should also be given on the information that is being shared with citizens so that they are in position to know whom they should contact with the information that has been shared with them.

If people are well informed they can make better decisions that will be beneficial to them and different stakeholders. It is vital that information be shared accordingly to the public by relevant departments because this makes an easy job for both government employees and the public.


Transparency is an open communication between citizen and their government. According to Emad transparency, participation and collaboration were the three major dimensions identified by Obama’s administration for the successful open administration. In this regard people are supposed to be given information through publications and through the media for the people to know what is taking place in their government.

Within Local government in Lesotho it was indicated that the annual budget is also communicated through the right platforms to show how the public funds have been used. CIPFA (2013:40) states that the performance information and accompanying financial statements published by a public-sector entity should be prepared on a consistent and timely basis. The decisions that are made should be communicated with the citizens the way that different departments work and different plans that are in place.

Accountability of public funds

It is significant that governments funds are used accordingly to the plan because government is operating within the scarce resources. They are supposed to be used cost effectively and outcomes should be communicated with different stakeholders. It is essential that government funds are used towards the stated plans without compromising the benefits of the future generation. The quality of the service provided should also not be compromised.

Analysis on the strategies for two different markets and comments on the success rate of it and whether the learner agrees or disagrees with the strategy

The relationship strategies of local government are organized in a manner that they are relevant to every kind of customer, their target market is on all sections being the geographical, demographical and social aspects of the citizens. The logic within local government is to ensure proper public participation, community development and service delivery within the communities.

With Lesotho being a third developing country and its living standards below the poverty line one can see that its government is trying to improve the living standards of the people. However, one would wonder why there is no improvement towards service delivery and the development of citizens though local government has been in existence for the past six decades. From my personal point of view, I do not think the problem is with the strategies but rather the red tape within the government entities.

Honestly, this is because intellectual plans and strategies are always brought into the table, but implementation of such initiatives are done fully completed or even fail. The government officials are the primary overseers and implementers of these plans and if they are unable to identify how they should achieve the stated objectives the plans are likely to fail.

The full implementation of government strategies lies solely with the public servants if these people are unable to pull through the good plans that are put in place obviously they will be unable to accomplish their missions and visions within their departments. It is important that government staff be equipped with necessary information and skills to run their offices.

This is because most of the time the public is complaining about service delivery especially from the civil servants, one would find out that civil staff within their offices are unable to provide relevant information and heads up to the people this might due to the fact that most people in government offices are appointed through the political affiliation as a result such people do not take their jobs seriously.

How to improve on the local government strategies:

  • Management should have regular staff meeting with their departments and communicate the plans, vision and mission statements of the department so that civil staff is always on their toes
  • Civil servants should also communicate their products with the communities because when people know your brand they are going to be loyal to you provided they are satisfied with your product.
  • There should be feedback ratings where clients can immediately give feedback after the service has been provided.
  • Regular workshops should be conducted with the staff
  • Suggestion box should be placed in government departments so that people can rate the services that they were provided with.
  • Employment appointments should also not be provide based on political affiliations because most of the time people who occupies such offices are incompetent


It is through good relationship marketing strategies between different stakeholders and the organizations that an image of the organization is recognized and customers loyalty is maintained. As a form of relationship strategies organizations should know their brands because it is through knowing the brand that you are serving to the people that one can maintain and build good connections between the business and its customers.

In the case of the government departments it is significant that the service delivery is well established between stakeholders which is in the essay it is basically the communities. It is through good governance that communities have trust in the government and its officials only when the services are delivered accordingly.

The strategies which have been discussed are good and can have a great impact, the only problem is when plan is supposed to be implemented because civil servants are not able to work to their full capabilities. It is very significant that the civil servants work together with the communities towards the development of the areas this people occupy.


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