Experience Of We Deserve What We Get

In life, some people are of the opinion that what we get is what we deserve. The reason for this assertion is the fact that man is a rational being that has the ability to make decisions and so there is a part of responsibility in human life. We choose what to do and the consequences of our actions are what creep in on us. What we get in life is as a result of what we have done before. With the ability to make decisions comes the necessity of consequences.

Furthermore, life processes what we give to it. The truth is that there are some basic principles that govern the existence.

I choose to call them natural laws and these natural laws are there to mete out what people deserve to them. Life responds to us according to what we have inputted into it. On the other hand, some people claim that we get more than we earn or deserve.

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Life measure is not commensurate to what we earn or deserve. We live in a world where some people that are celebrated should actually not be. Some call it luck, some miracle but the fact is that we earn more than we deserve. There are times when people do the same things that other people are doing and it is working for them but that same thing is not working for that particular person.

We live in a world where innocent people are behind bars and criminals walk freely in our community.

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In addition to this, biblical Solomon said that the “race is not for the swift nor is the battle for the strong…time and chance happens to them all” Going by this, we would see that what we get in life is not dependent on the what we have done but one what nature deems it feet to mete to us. Summarily, we can not claim that life is fair neither can we say that it is unfair. It is just part of life that good and evil things happen and this happens to make us who we stronger.

It is part of the beauties in life and we should learn to appreciate and accept each one, learning what we have to learn from any situation and then move on. The truth is that we have the power to convert whatever comes our way to our benefit. Nothing captures this better than – good things happen, bad things happen. They are all meant to make us who we are and add a little flavor to life!


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Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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