Experience in Ecuadorian Paradise Montañita

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A bohemian vibe, exotic meals, surfing, and an exciting nightlife are some of the things that Montañita is known for, including beaches. However, this is just a tip of the glorious Ecuadorian paradise that welcomes one and all with open arms and varied, exciting experiences.

If you’re the lazy type, lounging by the beaches all day helps you do nothing in the best way possible. Active travelers also get a fill for their curiosity as tours, sports and activities are in plenty in Montañita.

The Montañita experience is not only wholesome but also leaves a lasting impression. Here are some of the unique Montañita experiences you’ll experience.

  • Accommodation

First of all, there are countless places to stay in Montañita. From hotels, apartments and even hostels. Second, lodging in Montañita is inexpensive which make it a dream destination for all regardless of your pocket size.

Hostels go for as low as $12 per night, and you get to enjoy free Wi-Fi and in some areas free breakfast and many other complimentary services.

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You can also get an entire home if you’re traveling with family and these homes are also very affordable.

  • Food

Many street food joints complete the Montañita experience, the juice carts, and Ceviche food stands. Moreover, there is a wide range of foods available in the town. Exceptionally prepared and presented foods for $3-5 are available and make you feel like a local. The quality of foods and life in Montañita is among the reasons why most people assimilate into the Montañita way very fast.

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  • Drinks

The warm waters of the ocean is not the only place you can drown in Montañita. Indulge in a variety of cheap booze, cocktails, strong drinks and everything you need to get the night going. Ecuadorians don’t shy away from a night of drinking, dancing and conversing all night. A good time is what you came for, and you’ll get just that and more.

  • Transportation

Getting around a new place can be a challenge and also expensive. Figuring the best way is therefore essential to a great time. In Montañita, the best way is to use Taxis or the private bus. With these options, you can travel fast, safe and also get to experience the beauty of the town.

Local bus routes inside the town can help you get around, and they’re inexpensive. While touring the rest of Ecuador, long-distance buses are the affordable, safe option. Taxis are popular in Quito.

  • Activities

Everyone knows about surfing, going to the beach and taking a road trip to the Galapagos Islands. However, there is so much more to Montañita than these activities. A ride on the devil’s nose is a great place to start and visit museums around Ecuador.

Don’t forget to partake in watersports, boat tours, nature parks and other outdoor activities like camping. A Montañita visit is also an excellent opportunity to fix your Spanglish with Spanish classes in schools around the town.

  • To wrap up

The Montañita experience is nothing short of impressive and memorable. Don’t live through other peoples’ stories of the town, visit Montañita and make your memories and experience the town in all its glory.

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