Evaluation of Instructional Materials for Teaching

Intro As an instructor, it is your duty not just to teach but to guarantee that the students are discovering and you need to produce an active and encouraging finding out experience for the students. The Worldwide web gives options of wide range of instructional resources that you could use as your teaching tool. In choosing instructional materials, the instructor needs to think about not just its schedule or the ease of usage but more on its learning results. An instructional resource needs to fulfill the function and the objectives of the lessons and versatile to the students’ differences such as capability, interests and discovering style.

The goals, the students, discovering environment and the schedule of the resources are some factors to think about in choosing an instructional material (Morton, 2003). Design “The content is precise, logical and well organized, goals are clearly specified, and the material assists to accomplish the essential objectives.” The resource ought to be well planned and concrete to take full advantage of the available knowing products and to conserve time.

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The objectives ought to be achievable with regards to the trainees ‘grade level ensuring that after the instructional procedure, discovering outcomes are prepared for.

It needs to cultivate crucial thinking, problem-solving and decision-making (Alto). “Examples are significant and helpful, questions exist plainly.” Ease of interaction is very important so that the students would quickly comprehend the details or ideas passed on by the instructor. “Crucial points are emphasized, the quantity of details provided is comfortable and the training material is totally free of gender, race, religious beliefs or ethnic background predisposition.

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Media aspects fairly represent structure of profession fields in terms of gender and race.” It is likewise important to consider the cultural backgrounds of each student.

Each student has the right for equality in learning therefore the teacher should make some adjustments to the students with different customs from the rest of the class. ” Information is clear and current, facts come from reliable source which are clearly define. ” Instructional technologies should be incorporated in the learning experience to enhance student understanding. Digital libraries, computational tools, virtual environments, modeling and visualization and connectivity are among the up-to-date learning process that students should be familiar of.

“Content moves learners beyond the basics and encourage high level of thinking, students are engaged in applying what they learn. Lay-out is consistent. ” The projects should have relevant application that the student will look forward to make after the learning process. “The Content is culturally diverse; product accommodates unique learning styles and various ability levels. Assessment methods are challenging, appropriate and suitable to learning goals. ” The instructional materials should be appropriate to student differences such as interest, ability and learning style.

“Teachers can easily assess students’ progress by evaluating the outcomes provided within the product, reading level is appropriate for target audience and the product is suitable for the age and grade level. ” The evidence of learning should be evaluated as to determine the extent to which the goal and objectives are achieved. The development process, the reliability of implementation, the students learning as well as the teacher development should be attained. Procedures

Students must make the most of his or her senses such as touch, sight, auditory, and smell in doing activities that will develop not just the intrapersonal learning but the interpersonal development as well. Interaction among students will make the learning process easier and more enjoyable and the teacher must have the means of motivating the students in order for them to finish the activity, instruction or the discussion. Clarity Readings and visual aids should be able to attract the attention and interest of the students.

The teacher should have user-friendly visual aid that will further enhance the students’ imagination and thinking. Computer softwares have options for making the presentation more attractive such as colorful backgrounds, animations and sound effects that will be helpful for the students learning process. Efficiency Instructions should focus on the topic to avoid confusions to the students and maximize the time allotted for the learning process. Too much information could lead to “information overload” that the student will tend to disengage from the learning process. Instructional Material Evaluation.

I chose to use the preschool program of the HighReach for they guaranteed that the programs are aligned with the states and federal standards. Moreover, they clearly stated and specified their objectives as to what learning skills they intend to develop upon the students.They also have programs that will develop not just the intrapersonal development but also the interpersonal learning.

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