Erik Peterson Case Analysis

Inefficient employees (Hardy), or line manager with inadequate knowledge Technical issues at lower level employees Handling his employees’ lack of work, inventory control etc. No. of cells to be operational (16) by the turn on date was too many to handle, yet it was vital to have them all operational Construction of towers were already behind the schedule; HQ reluctant to terminate the contract since the former company did a great deal of work on the construction

Peterson’s management and leadership on the start-up? Raised the issues & problems with top management; replacing employees Appointing trusted people to other departments; Construction coordination Prepared to solve the zoning problems (failed to get the approval of the top management) Helped improve Curt in his job, but wasn’t quite successful since Curt was a technical person and didn’t have much knowledge on management.

He provided technical support to him and others, but went too much into details. Kind of micro-managing He at least had identified the problems and causes

Weekly construction Meetings to involve everyone, yet some people weren’t active enough Established an inventory control system

Actions to be taken by Peterson to improve the situation and to prepare for his upcoming meeting? He should build a detailed organogram of the company and define the roles and responsibilities of each employee He shouldn’t get involved in each and every issues for which his staff needs to deal with.

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He should be more a result oriented leader. Staff mobility; the overall idea is good, but shouldn’t move in a way to change the reporting line He should prepare a list of his recommendations and the support required from HQ with concrete results on success or failure of his recommendations and do a follow up to those recommendations The first support he needs to ask from HQ, should be more authority to get control over his employees Since the project is in a critical phase to meet deadlines, the reporting line may change temporarily until everything gets on track

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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