Equality and Diversity at the Workplace

The equality and diversity can be incorporated by the company is some human resource policies and practices. This human resource practices helps the company to gauge its level of development. If the organization wants to succeed, it will contribute to have written policies that details equality and diversity from within. It is important to for policies and practices to be implemented equitably across the organization. What applies to one, applies to all. Establishment of support systems to enhance professional development will also improve equality and diversity.

The human resource is the best resource in any organization.

Hence, maximising all employees is good business as well as good investment. This one company, the Apple Computer, Inc. , believes in equality in the workplace as reflected by how this company treats its workers. In fact, this company enhanced its anti-discrimination policy. Its public statement reflects that Apple Computer, Inc. is an “equal opportunity employer” which does not illegally discriminate. Through the years, this company is conceptualizing, developing and implementing programs or projects that are geared towards ensuring equal opportunity for its diverse employees.

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As a result of its celebration of diversity, embrace for equality and implementation of non-discrimination policies, the company is continuously receiving awards for its corporate equality efforts. International Business Machines Corporation or IBM uses partnership to get more disabled people into their business. The International Business Machines Corporation is one company known for hiring numerous disabled workers around the world as part of its company’s administrative staff (Chubb, 2008).

The company believe in their workforce since they have the right skills and are willing to learn .

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The company believes that given these attributes, the workforce provide value to the company. Conclusion In any equality and diversity efforts for the organization, the collaboration and teamwork among the employees is critical for its success. On the other hand, the accountability for accomplishing the aims of these equality and diversity programmes for fulfilment through the various activities geared towards these lies in the organization itself.

This big responsibility for the accomplishment and advocacy of the equality and diversity principles has to be incorporated in every activities of the organization. The effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s service delivery as well as the employee policies and processes in relation to the above principles can be achieved by creating performance monitoring. Diversity and equality management involves the putting up of effective structures, systems, processes, as well as programmes.

Efficient equality and diversity management should support the communication as well as accomplishment of arrangements. The organisation’s initiatives in promoting equality and diversity have beneficial effects to all the stakeholders in the organization. By and large, the success of the equality and diversity programmes depends on their integration into both the organisation’s strategy and its culture. The ability of the organization to identify, then afterwards, tackle discrimination in the workplace will greatly help enforce equality and diversity in the workplace.

The intention of serving the long-term interests of people with disabilities should be coupled with maximising the employment opportunities for people with disabilities and the desire is to empower these people with disabilities. The organization can create a work culture that addresses the welfare of everybody in the workplace, including the people with disabilities. Mutual benefits can be obtained by both the employer and the employees when the equality and diversity are observed in the workplace as shown by the organization’s increased productivity and prosperity.

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Equality and Diversity at the Workplace

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