Environmental Pollution: Effects on Humans and the Environment

Why does pollution happen and what are its effects on humans and the environment. Pollution means the presence of a substance that is dangerous and poisonous to the environment. It can come in many forms and has many perilous effects. The pollution caused by man-made activities id contaminating our natural environment and our bodies.

Air pollution is the most harmful type of pollution. It is caused by gases, smoke, and dust coming into contact with the air. This happens when we burn fossil fuels to use for electricity or gasoline for transportation.

It also happens from things like mining, factory exhaust, and agricultural activities. The average person causes hundreds of tons of pollution each year(“Air Pollution.”,n.d.).Air pollution is the most prominent type of pollution because we use it so much and therefore has large scale effects.

There are many different types of pollution that are contaminating the Earth. Water pollution is particularly harmful because it is vital for our survival.

It is quickly being corrupted by oil spills sewage, marine dumping, industrial waste, and chemical pesticides(‘Water and Water Pollution: Definition, Causes, Effects, Prevention.’,2018). Additionally, Radioactive pollution happens when radioactive chemicals are improperly transported or nuclear plants breech and is particularly deadly. Light pollution occurs when we use excess artificial lights especially in highly populated cities and is still dangerous but on a smaller scale. Similarly, noise pollution occurs when excess noise happens at social events like concerts, construction, and poor urban planning.

Pollution has no shortages in the many forms it comes in but what they all have in common is the havoc they wreak on the environment.

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Consequently, air pollution has a great effect on human health as it is considered the main cause of respiratory cancers and diseases like asthma(‘Causes and Effects of Environmental Pollution.’,2018). Water pollution as well causes hazardous health issues through water-borne illnesses like typhoid and when we consume contaminated aquatic life(‘Water and Water Pollution: Definition, Causes, Effects, Prevention.’,2018). Additionally, when pesticides and similar pollutants come into contact with our bodies they can cause hormonal problems, brain damage, continuous headaches, liver issues, and much more(‘Causes and Effects of Environmental Pollution.’,2018). Light and noise pollution causes confusion to wildlife like turtles and disrupts our circadian rhythms(‘Pollution Causes & Effects: How Does Wide Scale Pollution Happen?’,2019).

In conclusion, pollution has devastating effects on ecosystems by displacing and killing animals as well as causing some serious health problems in people. Pollution is a chain reaction that is caused by people and comes full circle back to us. The more informed people are about its effects and how it is caused the more we can decrease it.


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