Environment Essay Topics

Pesticides and their environmental impact

Introduction Pesticides are chemicals or organic substances that have been designed to prevent pests, weeds or diseases in agricultural production and other places where public health is of paramount importance. Pesticides are very important in agricultural production because they control vermin that would otherwise lead production losses during growth and the storage. (Hond, Frank et.al.2003)…. View Article

Misuse of Plastic

Human being plays a key role in environment as he has a capable mind and will power to do everything by the skill and technology he has developed so far. But most of his activities done for his development and welfare have been causing seriously negative impacts on the virgin environment he has been blessed… View Article

Pollution and Poverty

Authorities on the environment claim that a wealthy state could also be a polluting state and affluence can constitute a serious threat to the environment. The movement for protecting the environment commenced with a slogan of conservation and gradually changed into an anti – technology movement. It opposed the activities of the government, oil companies… View Article

US Role in International Environment

The rational presented by President Bush in the 2002 National Security Strategy against the aggression in Iraq is that “nations need not suffer an attack before they take lawful actions in defending themselves. ” Mainly, preemption has been the tactical defense employed by the Bush administration throughout the Iraq aggression, which was guided by the… View Article

Pollution Effects and Counter Measures

The impact of human activity on our environment cannot be denied. Many aspects of today’s environmental problems are only now coming to light as scientists explore the causes and effects of human impact on the world around us. Today’s generation has seen both unwarranted skepticism and exaggeration on both sides of the debate on how… View Article

Ethics and Legal Environment

Something’s Rotten in Hondo is a case wherein a plant manager, George Mackee, needs to decide whether to get rid of the charges inflicted by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA or to move in Mexico. He is in a dilemma because if he would choose the former, he has very little chance of eliminating… View Article


In recent years, numerous groups, including federal agencies, have offered advice on how Britons can be “good environmentalists”. The broadcast and print media, consumers, legislators and even children are told what products and what actions are environmentally “good” and “bad”. The advice is based on little more than the simple-minded application of such core beliefs… View Article

Environmental Science in Today’s World

Humans so dominate today’s world that there is no ecosystem on earth that has not been influenced to a greater or lesser degree of human activities. And, as long as humans remain on earth, such influence will not end. Sustainability will depend on learning to channel our efforts so that we play a positive supporting… View Article

Environment degradation

This is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources for instance water, soil and even air. In environmental degradation, the ecosystem is destroyed and wildlife undergoes extinction. There are many forms of environmental degradation that are of negative impact to agriculture. For instance, when habitats are destroyed, biodiversity is lost and natural resources… View Article

Problem Solution

The issue concentrates on the environment and its problems. Nature is fighting back against the abuses we have inflicted on it! Due to human carelessness that damaged the environment, many communities are now suffering from environmental crisis. Food, air and water needed for life’s processes which the environment provides unfortunately contain many harmful substances called… View Article

Environmental Issues In Real Estate

Real estate transactions involve the purchase of land properties and generally, environmental issues are frequently considered before a sale is completed. Environmental issues are usually taken into account, be it a residential real estate property, or a huge industrial piece of land. Should environmental risks be associated in a particular real estate property, these are… View Article

Environmental issues and quality of life in Hamilton

Randle Reef it positioned at Hamilton Harbor. It is regarded as a complex and the most spoiled pitch among the Canada’s areas of concern. Randle Reef pitch has huge deposits of Poly nuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in black substances. Poly nuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons are moving allover to form food chains. This area needs a priority… View Article

Environmental issues

It was not yet realized by the public the seriousness of the environmental problems we face if not for the issue on global warming. Dozens of organizations, many of them with international memberships, are now working on everything from saving wildlife to developing new sources of energy. But pollution, energy consumption and economic growth are… View Article

Environmental Issues

Not enough can be said about the environmental problems that the planet earth and its inhabitants is currently facing. Aside from the rampant pollution that people nowadays have to live with, people must also be concerned with the inescapable problems that affect the ozone layer, which in turn causes global warming. Global warming is not… View Article

Environmental Impact Upon Health

We humans have captured the environment to make our lives beautiful but through our activities and materialistic pursuits, we have made environment the biggest enemy of our health. We have ourself created an environment which has given us all leisures of life but on the other hand we have dug the walls of unhealthy livings… View Article

Environmental health

Environmental health is the study of how the world around us affects our health. This can be from air pollution to global warming and everything in between. The goal is to determine how the world impacts overall human health. And, the initial information is not good. In 2005, the World Helath Organization reported that each… View Article

Environmental Factors

(A) Selection of an Organization –   M/S GE Tractors M/s GE Tractors produces tractors, and dairy machines. Tractors are allotted to the Michigan unit in view of its location in the natural market zone for tractors. To supplement GE tractor production, a second tractor assembly line for 45 HP and 59 HP tractors has been… View Article

Environmental Experiences

The capability of a location to enhance environmental experience depends on the landscape and its potential to foster and create subjective interpretations among individuals. These places also are significant to visitors since it promotes education and other indirect effects. Recognizing the need for architecture is important for people to fully understand and feel the landscape… View Article

Environmental Ethics: Not Beneficial Anymore

Environmental problems stemming from the human population, pollution, conservation of resources, and preservation of species are complex and difficult to resolve. Increasingly, it is understood that one difficulty of resolving them is due to the fact that they are fundamentally problems of ethics that possess broad descriptions and characteristics (Alexander and Fairbridge 1999 294). Thus,… View Article

Environmental Ethics

Environmental ethics falls under the discipline of environmental philosophy that studies how human beings relate to their natural environment. This is a wide study that involves a variety of other disciplines such as those that study human relationships, economics, the earth’s structure and biology especially ecology. Human beings being the most superior of all the… View Article

Environmental economics

It is a familiar characteristic of city life; it is a type of large scale outdoor pollution. It consists of fog grossly contaminated by the product of the inefficient combustion of coal. Chemical reaction between pollutants derived from different sources primarily automobile exhaust and industrial emissions. For each city that exact causes of pollution may… View Article

Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply chain sustainability is the management of the environmental, social, and economic impacts, and the encouragement of good governance practices, throughout the the lifecycle of goods and services. In layman’s terms, supply chain sustainability is what companies use in order to have a positive impact on the world by the use of good business practices…. View Article

Public Park: An Invaluable Organ of a Town

INTRODUCTION While the entire world is facing with the problem of environmental pollution, public parks are becoming important than ever. Due to the rise of heavy industries and in the number of vehicles, the air is constantly getting polluted, and especially in the cities, where the industrial activity and the movement of transport is very… View Article

Hybrid electric vehicle

Micro Environment factors. – LearnMarketing. net www. learnmarketing. net/microenvironment. htm This article looks at the factors which make up a firm’s micro environment. There are also links to articles on the macro environment and internal environment … Six Microenvironmental Factors That Affect Businesses … yourbusiness. azcentral. com/six-microenvironmental-factors-affect-busin… You face six microenvironmental factors in your business… View Article

Cradle to Cradle

In this book the authors and environmentalists William McDonough and Michael Braungart discuss how very un-eco friendly are the people that design our world, from our buildings to the products we use and consume. They talk about how our solutions for our environmental problems, such as recycling, are basically just a band-aid fix for broken… View Article

Creating Effective Learning Environments for Learners

Introduction Environment is all the physical and social conditions that surround and can influence a person’s health. A learner’s physical environment on the other hand include the class surrounding like locker ,chairs and other items that are physical found either inside or outside and around the class. Social environment refers to the immediate social setting… View Article

Understanding the Global Environment

Globalization can be defined as a process whereby goods, services, labor and capital are moved around the globe (Friedman, 2000). This movement in most cases than not is a harmonized one with interconnectedness that is institutionalized. There is usually a set of relations that are global in nature that are established to ensure that the… View Article

Environmental Psychology

Environmental psychology is the study of transactions between individuals and their physical settings (Gifford, 2007a). In these transactions, individuals change their environments, and their behavior and experiences are changed by their environments. It includes theory, research, and practice aimed at making the built environment more humane and improving human relations with the natural environment. Considering… View Article

China’s Environmental Issues

China has many environmental issues, severely affecting its biophysical environment as well as human health. Rapid industrialization as well as lax environmental oversight have contributed to the problems. The Chinese government has acknowledged the problems and made various responses, resulting in some improvements, but the responses have been criticized as inadequate. As of 2012 there… View Article

Leisure Essay

Almost everyone has some kind of leisure time whether it is a couple hours or a couple days. What varies is the type of recreational activities people choose to do during that time. Although leisure and recreation is chosen based on ones unique individual interests, there are many sociocultural factors that influence the type of… View Article