Engineering and Humanities: Why Engineering Students Neglect The Humanities Studies

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I hope that in 10 years, I will have a stable career in a multinational production firm with at least the position of a manager. My ideal job would be a representative ambassador of a company, where I am given the chance to travel overseas to further broaden the company’s product. On a more relaxed note, I hope that I have found my ways to enjoy my off-hours, polishing my extra skills, and of course spend time with family and friends.

Entrepreneurship is of immense value to the society, because it is the main driving force of the economic growth of any country. A society is valuable only when entrepreneurial activities are dynamic and generate trades. Most importantly, the welfare systems of a society depend quite heavily on the donations and sponsorships by these entrepreneurs. Therefore, entrepreneurships provide not only economic rewards, but as well as development prospects, and also opportunities to the society.

Since food, clothes, equipments, electronic appliances, etc.

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, basically everything that we need in everyday life is a product of the manufacturing industry. While there might be changes in demand for some fields, the manufacturing industry will always be needed. This is the true for every country other than Korea.

Speaking as an engineering student, it is only common for us to have neglected the liberal arts and humanities studies. The scope of sciences is already too deep and difficult itself that we have naturally put aside the humanities protesting that we do not have the time, nor exactly feel the necessity of it.

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However, the advancement in science alongside the ongoing R&D researches is now more complex both ethically and technically than ever. When students enter the community after graduation, particularly engineering graduates, we are branded that we lack exposure to people, namely communication and interpersonal skills, which are the essential aspects of the management of the engineering industry.Typically, strategic planning, critical thinking, creativity and innovation are the focused areas of engineers, but the complexities of current issues ask more than that of engineers. The awareness about the importance of the humanities in science is growing. We need to improve, learn, and adapt to a more humanistic thinking besides the traditional mathematical approach on developing new technologies. In other words, humanities help engineers to fulfill our civic roles and responsibilities.

To summarize, humanities are the basis of ethics that complement a good engineer.

Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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