Engage and Improvement in Personal Development in Health, Social Care

Improving lives of all Service User and promote independence. Assisting in task like bathing, toileting, oral hygiene, dressing and etc. personal care. Assisting in shopping, recreation aimed at creating a supportive atmosphere where Service User can achieve maximum independence. Record detail of incident, developments and events occurring a period of duty in the appropriate records to report verbally to the senior manager on duty. Report and record significant matters in Service User lives in accordance with policy on Access to Records.

Advice, encouragement, and supervision such as prompting an individual to take a bath. Undertake other duties related to the work of the Home and may be required which are consistent with the nature of the job and its level of responsibility it may include cleaning, laundry, food preparation Attend, participate in meetings, attend annual appraisal of progress with line manager.

Maintain personal development to meet the changing demands of the job, participate in appropriate training activities. Undertake Health and Safety duties commensurate with the post, e.

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g. when provided PPE must be use when performing duties. 2.1 Explain the expectations about own work role as expressed in relevant standards. Expectations about my own work is to have gain or gain competence, to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required in accordance to Standards e.g. National Occupational Standards, Skill For Care UK.

2.2 Demonstrate the ability to reflect on practice.

The ability to reflect on my practice is I will be able to identify my strengths and weaknesses using reflective assessment e.g. questions what went well, what did not go well, what I do, need to be done , seeking alternative methods, reflect on what I do the way I do better and what I need to do better. 2.3 Describe how own values, belief system and experiences may affect working practice. I have to identify and understand my own values and views however the professional relationship I develop with people I support, are another matter, I am required to provide the same quality of care regardless of race, beliefs, sexuality, culture, not just for those who share same values and beliefs I have. 3.1 Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards. This is looking at my progress, development and learning to determine what has improved and what areas still need improvement. Using my personal checklist can be use to evaluate my practice:

How do I approach my work?
Was my approach positive?
Are there any areas in which I could improve?
Which was the worst aspect of work I did?
Are there any areas in which I could improve?
3.2 Demonstrate the ability to reflect on practice.

The ability to reflect on practice is to I will be to improve my practice skills and knowledge by thinking about what I am doing. It can also involve thinking about wider issues perhaps realising that there are areas where I need to learn more and new skills that I have not yet developed, using feedback from line manager, mentor, colleagues. 4.1 Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development Source of support for planning and reviewing own development include formal support network, supervision, teacher, manager local authority, training providers, awarding organization further and higher education institution. 4.2 Demonstrate how to work with others to review and prioritise own learning needs, professional interests and development oppurtunities. To work with others, to review and to review and priorities own learning needs, professional interest and development opportunity by performance review, or supervision done by supervisor or line manager, it gives me the opportunity to know the feedback of my performance and practice I may need to improve and areas in which I have demonstrated strength, development opportunities like formal training e.g.

Epilepsy training, in house training , e.g. Manual Handling, Shadowing doing shown by more experienced colleagues working, discussing issues as a team or group, following information on the interest, making use of learning resource centres asking question and holding professional discussion with colleagues and manager. 4.3 Demonstrate how to work with others to agree own personal development plan. Agreeing on my personal development plans with others is updated when I take part in training and development, my record of participation, plans that I worked out with my supervisors using time scale. A personal journal development data to meet my own goals.Evaluate how learning activities have affected practice. Feedback from others has developed my knowledge, skills, and understanding.

It can be positive and negative, I am able to accept constructive criticism , it helps me to improves and identify which and what duties I didn’t do well. Demonstrate how reflective practice has led to improved ways of working. Reflective practice has led to improve ways of my working in such a way that it make me realize new ideas, and make new sense of practice issues, it makes me think about situations and learning from what I discovered. Show how to record progress in relation to personal development. This is my regular personal development plan :Goals Development needed/achievement Short term Single Training Epilepsy Training Medium term First Aid and Emergency Training Long term Gaining Diploma and NVQ

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Engage and Improvement in Personal Development in Health, Social Care

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