Energy Drinks, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Energy drinks, also known as power boosters, are soft drinks that contain nutrients and good flavor. The name of some energy drinks are Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster. These drinks help improve and boost energy levels. People who drink power beverages experience decrease in stress, muscle strain, and fatigue. Power beverages also help improve speed and reaction. Energy drinks should remain on the market because they help athletes, workers, and students maintain performance, endurance and momentum. The most accepted energy drink is Red Bull.

Red Bull contains caffeine and sodium. Caffeine acts as a pick-me-up, giving people the feeling of being awake and alert. Sodium helps to prevent the body from losing water. These ingredients work together to increase energy levels in the human body. Red Bull commercials often feature athletes, students, and workers drinking its products. Some people prefer to drink diet energy drinks. Red Bull is the only brand that offers power drinks in diet, making it the most popular energy drink on the market.

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Monster Energy, second in popularity, is highly favored by the adult community. It is the energy drink of choice for most athletes. Monster largely relies on a high dosage of sugar and caffeine to boost the user's energy level. After drinking one can of Monster, users experience a feeling that is similar to drinking three cups of coffee. Rock Star is available in fourteen different flavors and is preferred by the younger generation.

People that like to party prefer Rock Star because it prevents them from getting tired.

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The increased amounts of sugar and vitamins in Rock Star help prevent low energy. This gives party goers power to keep going. Energy drinks are good for people because they keep the human body alert. Most brands can be purchased in any store. Power drinks contain nutrients; good flavor, and increases energy levels. Many people seek energy boosters to improve metabolism and strengthen immune system when dieting.

These drinks help people to stay alert in everyday life functions such as working, playing sports, and school. Red Bull and Monster both contain Vitamin B. Vitamin B is important to the body. It improves the function of red and white blood cells. Cells are instrumental in ridding the body of impurities and promoting healthy liver function. Energy drinks should not be taken off the market because they help athletes, workers, and students to maintain performance, providing momentum during times of stress and strain.

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Energy Drinks, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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