Employment Communication

Employment communication refers to the strategies which the employee uses to market themselves as the ideal candidate for the specified job. Employment communication encompasses all matters from the job search, the job application, the creation of a successful resume, preparation of the interview and the attendance of the interview (Parzych, 2000). Employment communication is integral in establishing the connection between the employer and the job applicant. It normally determines whether the applicant will get the job at hand or not.

Employment communication is important to the employer because it allows him opportunity to make the right choice and select the most appropriate candidate for the position at hand (Lustberg, 2002).

This gives the employer a forum to seek the qualities and skills which are most appropriate for the job. Employment communication is also highly beneficial to the job applicant and it gives them a forum to showcase their strengths in the pursuit of the ideal job (Martin, 2003). Employment communication also enables the job applicant to seek the most relevant and satisfactory job positions available in the market.

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It is very important that the job applicant seeks the right job to ensure job satisfaction as well as a good turn over (Mobley, 1998). Employment communication seeks to investigate and bring out the presence or the absence of strong work ethics in the job applicant (Lustberg, 2002). It helps the employer find out whether the job applicant is reliable and dependable. Motivation is crucial in work performance and a job applicant who is intrinsically motivated is preferred over other candidates (Parzych, 2000).

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The communication between the employers and the job applicant allows the employer to gauge the goal of the job applicant (Parzych, 2000). In cases were the job applicant is passionate about the job he is able to demonstrate his research on the company and the responsibilities that come with the job. This ensures that the final candidate will be able to share in the vision of the company as well as grow with it. Employment communication also portrays the time management skills of the job applicant. This is an important skill in any job.

The job applicant gets a forum to shine in management skills as well as in organization skills (Martin, 2003). Problem solving skills are crucial and allow the fostering of independent and capable staff. Employment communication enables the employer to find out if the job candidate has the ability to detect and solve a problem using appropriate skills (Lustberg, 2002). Communication and negotiation skills are always used in business arenas. Any job position will require the job applicant to have proper communication skills. All businesses operate with the main goal of customer satisfaction.

Employment communication enables the employer to investigate proper communication skills in the job applicant. The job applicant should demonstrate the ability to sell the companys’ image to the customer in order to maintain them. In addition, it is imperative that they be able to convince the employer of their ability to foster the achievement of the companys vision. An Effective Job Search An effective job search starts with honest self assessment. So as to get the right job, the job applicant is mandated to identify their skills, experience, goals and interests.

It is crucial that the job applicant identifies what they seek most in a job before pursuing it (Mobley, 1998). The enthusiasm of the job applicant can indicate whether they have passion for the job and how effective they would be if they were given the job. The job applicant should identify the specific career and should lay out the values that they possess which would be beneficial in the position. This assists them to acquire job satisfaction in their work. Interest and skills should concur and should enable the job applicant to aim for the right job.

The job applicant should understand the job market and should be able to implement a well organized job campaign. A well founded comprehensive job search portrays a sense of self awareness to the employer. These skills and the interests should be communicated explicitly to the employer both verbally and in the resume (Lustberg, 2002). In order for a job applicant to conduct a successful job search, a well equipped contact network is crucial. The job applicant needs to integrate with other professions in their field.

The job applicant should employ their skills and interpersonal skills in order to create a positive impression to these professionals. This ensures that in cases of vacancies they can always be recommended. Developing a Resume The employers should always be contacted directly. When writing resumes it is critical that the employee remember that the resume advertises them to the employer. It is therefore necessary to explicitly demonstrate why they are the only possible choice for the job. The resume should be clear and should be accompanied by a concise cover letter that elucidates how qualified the applicant is for the applied position.

This is mainly to catch the employers’ attention (Mobley, 1998). The relevant skills should be elaborated with clear accomplishment statements. To demonstrate the skills, it is necessary to use actual experiences which should be connected to meet the needs of the job applied for. This depicts competency. The job applicant should also exhibit professionalism by choosing appropriate formats. It is important to proofread the resume severally to ensure a favorable impression of the job applicant is created. The resume should always be sent before the application deadline to show proper time management.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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