Employee Essay Topics

How to solve high employee turnover rate in a retail company or retail business?

Introduction The problem of high turnover employee rate is quite a spread problem that most businesses have been facing for years. Employee turnover has a negative influence on the efficiency of business, profits, customer service and satisfaction from customers in different businesses and industries. The recent study made by Roper Starch Worldwide, Inc. and Unify… View Article

Evaluating Employees with Ease

Performance evaluations are a critical component of human resource management in any organization. In “Evaluating Employees with Ease” Sharon LaBuke gives useful tips designed to help nursing employers conduct evaluations that translate into a positive experience for their employees. In LaDuke’s view, the first priority is to strategize the process. A good place to start… View Article

Workforce Diversity

All employees come from different cultural and social environment; they have different social statuses and class location, different religious beliefs and belong to different cultures. Differences are bound to exist, due simply to the physical characteristics of the employees, such as sex, nation race. These differences create a certain tension between employees which requires special… View Article

The Part Time Workers

Introduction Working part time can be a good way of balancing ones work and personal commitments. Part-time workers have the right to be treated fairly in comparison to their full-time colleagues [icn.ch]. A part-time worker is one who works fewer hours than a full-time worker. There’s no specific number of hours that makes one full or… View Article

The rhetoric and reality of employee involvement

Introduction – The acceptable business paradigm changed over time. There was a time when the accepted concept of effective management relied largely on what the top management thinks best for the company, leaving the rest of the company especially blue collar workers with little or no participation at all in how a company grows and… View Article

Overcoming the Improvement Paradox

Quality improvement programs are designed based on research, a company’s needs and the promise of improving the functioning of a business, both from a management standpoint and in the eyes of the employee. Research proves that they are not only productive, but necessary. In fact it is suggested that without a quality improvement program, businesses… View Article

Tution Plan Proposal

Introduction             Employee competency is an important factor that highly determines the efficiency and productivity of the company. With today’s dynamic environment, now knowledge and skills are developed rapidly. If a company would adapt to such environment, its workforce must obtain further training for them to be able to acquire the necessary new skills and… View Article

Procter & Gamble Global Business Services: A Case Study

A Time to Make a Change at P&G Some of the signs and signals experienced by an organization which indicates that it is time to make a change are: experiencing rapid growth or a decline in growth, a decline in productivity, a decline in resources, stakeholder pressures on management, environmental crises, sociopolitical influences on the… View Article

Public Employees and the Right to Strike

“After a 60-hour strike that halted subway and bus service in 2005; a state judge penalized the Transport Workers Union by taking away its most powerful money-raising tool: automatic collection of dues from members’ pay checks.” (New York Times, November 2007)    An incongruity due to establishment of new employment conditions or some other contention… View Article

Employee Volunteer Program

Employee volunteer program is a major part of the Corporate Citizenship profile that has become an intrinsic agenda of many successful companies, who understand the value of community service and are ready to contribute their resources in its various forms to such gesture. This is because the importance of employee development is overwhelming: it extends… View Article

Employee voice

‘Employee voice’ suggested by Geoff Armstrong (cited in Armstrong,2001) in the recent issue of Industrial Participation Association (IPA) Bulletin, historically meant collective bargaining, and that this ‘chosen method of joint regulation became a straitjacket inhibiting the very things we needed to be doing to win and keep customers! ’ Win and keep the customers because… View Article

Employee rewards

Employee reward is about how people are rewarded in accordance with their value to an organization (Armstrong, 2001). It is concerned with both financial and non financial rewards and embraces the philosophies, strategies, policies, plans and processes used by organization to development maintain reward systems. An employee reward system consist of an organizations integrated policies,… View Article

Employee Retention

Work-life balance is a never-ending struggle for many companies. And then there are those who have been used to the work-life balance mantra that it is now part of their daily office routine. One of those companies is Eddie Bauer. Here, the objectives were not only very specific, it also gave fruit to efficient programs… View Article

Evaluating Employee Retention

High employee turnover rate has been considered as one of the highest drivers for direct and opportunity cost to rise for companies. In the Coca Cola Retailing Research, Blake (2000) estimates that about US$5. 8 billion annually are lost in the supermarket sector alone due to employee turnover. More importantly, this figure significantly reduces the… View Article

Employee Retention and Interviewing

When Southwest Airlines wants to hire employees, they tend to have 142,000 applicants. They obviously want to choose the person who will suit their organizational culture the best. To achieve this objective they need to ask the right questions when interviewing the applicants. These questions should be such that they provide a clear picture as… View Article

Employee Relations

Employee relations are one of human resources aspect which is mainly concerned with maintaining a cohesive relationship between the employer and the employee in workplace so as to have high morale and motivation amongst employees for satisfactory productivity in workplace. Discussions between the employer and the employee usually concentrate on issues of payment, work environment,… View Article

Comparative Employee Relations

Employees relations is those policies and daily practices that are concerned with the regulation and management of individual and team relationships within the organization. Essentially, employee relations are cantered on the ability to resolve and prevent conflicts that involve either an individual or the teams in the organization which directly affect work situations and performance…. View Article

Employee Privacy

Failure by employees to adhere to work ethics especially in the advent of Internet has led organizations to engage employee-monitoring activities. Where employees adhere to the professional code of conduct less challenges and problems in terms of bad conduct, scandals and conflicts are avoided in the work place. Security and Privacy have become synonymous with… View Article

Employee Performance Evaluation

Do you have any questions about what is expected of you on the job? Are there any areas that are unclear for you? Being in the practice for more than 13 years, I believe I am performing well as a Clinical Coordinator at _________________. I know well my primary duties not only to the doctors… View Article

Employee Participation

Of all the subjects controlled by the societal, public, and employment strategy set by the European Union (EU), the intrinsic worth of implementing worker participation in the administration of businesses on a wide extent has turned out to be highly contentious over the years. The stipulations put forward by the EU, for example, equivalent opportunities… View Article

The Impact of Employee Motivation to Employee Turnover Ratio in Teleperformance

This paper discusses in detail the research proposal on the organizational restructuring.  Specifically, the researcher will focus on the organizational restructuring and its impact on corporate sustainability.  In this proposal, the background, context and theme of the study are presented; the objectives of the study and the research statements are formulated.  Here, vital concepts, questions… View Article

Employee Empowerment

1.0 Introduction Employee Empowerment is not something that you simply declare you will initiate and expect that the program will be successful.  It requires good management programs for it to succeed.  This piece purports to show how team building as a management program can be used to make employee empowerment a success. Employee empowerment should… View Article

Consumer and Market Knowledge

During the internship at ITC (in logistics), I interacted with ground level employees (on floor)-even when it is not mandatory. Through which I got in debt understanding of the actual process happening on field. By doing so I was a able to identify that the workers are mixing up the stock without associating with their… View Article

Thomas Green Case Study

Introduction: After reviewing the following case study, I have concluded that both parties are responsible for the lack of synergy between the employee, Green, and upper-management, Davis. The underlying root cause of these problems occurring in the office is from the lack of respect the co-workers have for one another. There are several other possible… View Article

Complaint Letter Against Employer

I am writing this email to inform you that the decision made to relieve me of my duties as office manager and remain on staff as “office support” has been done on unlawful grounds. Last week on April 21st I was informally given some vague feedback regarding comments from my co-worker Jane Doe. Her allegations… View Article

SAP Is Counting on Organizational Change

1. Which of the forces for change are causing SAP to undertake major organizational change? Explain. There are various forces that are making SAP undertake the organizational changes, however the biggest one is the market change. The core business of SAP is business applications. SAP is threatened by the attack of their competitor-Oracle. According to… View Article

JetBlue Airways: Starting from Scratch

Before David Neeleman’s non-compete agreement with Southwest Airlines expired, he envisioned the concept of starting a low-fare airline that would combine common sense, innovation, and technology and bring the humanity back into air travel (Gittel & O’Reilly, 2001). In 1998, JetBlue was born. In order for David to fulfill his goal of a “do-it-right” kind… View Article

Case Study Medici Restaurant

In the first question of the Medici Mediterranean Restaurant case study, it asks if there are any other options that Alissa might consider solving this problem. There are many other options that are not listed in the study that Alissa could exercise in this scenario to make Guido focus more on his job. In this… View Article