Eminem Adversity Essay

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Eminem Adversity

Everyone is affected by adversity and everyone tends to overcome and recover from adversity. One guy that a lot of people look up to and that had faced adversity is Eminem. His real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III and he is like an idol to people who have drug problems or family problems. He grew up with nothing and came from an absentee father and a cruel mother. He always appeared to be angry and it was even felt through his music. He has a disillusioned wife and lived life in a trailer park.

His life was rough that pushed him to drop out of the ninth grade because he had failed three times. That’s when he thought of going into the rap career. In 1997, Interscope Records discovered Eminem and was given a record deal. He released his first album Marshal Mathers LP and it was very successful and won 3 Grammy awards for it. He had a daughter at an early age and struggled with fatherhood. Like a lot of fathers, Eminem doesn’t think he would be a good father for his daughter and he doesn’t feel like he could provide for her.

He was always with his daughter and was by her side unlike his father was for him who left him. When his daughter turned three Marshall was able to provide her with everything that she wanted and life started to turn out better. He always wrote negative songs about his mother and Kim and his mother set up sever lawsuits against him but he overcame adversity by trying twice as hard to show his worth and to be successful in the Rap Industry. All of his songs and the 8 Mile movie were based on his life events and his friends, family, enemies, and he learns from his mistakes.

His album Relapse was based on a rough time he went through but in 2010 he released Recovery which took a stand in his life to become a better Idol for people and a better person. People have experienced the things he’s been through and they take his songs into heart and understand what he means in them. I haven’t been through what he has besides the abandonment of a father, but I can understand everything where he comes from and I look up to him as a great guy who starts off rough but improves throughout his life time.

His album Recovery had songs like “Not Afraid” pointing towards the thought that he can mess up but never give up and another song about his best friend who he was in a band, that’s known as D-12, his friend was shot and died. He felt it was his fault and he tried hard to recover from it because everyone that helped him with his career was like family to him they were just as important as his daughter’s but a little less because those are his babies. So in ways he overcame adversity and it was a rough life for him in the process.

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