My Left Foot Review Essay

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My Left Foot Review

My Left Foot Film Review My Left foot is the true story of a young boy called Christy Brown, played by Hugh O’Connor and Daniel Day-Lewis, Christy is born into a poor working class family in Dublin, Ireland, with a physically disabling condition known as cerebral palsy. Considered a vegetable and using his only functional limb(his left foot) Christy becomes a very successful writer and artist with the help of his strong willed mother and teacher.

I personally really enjoyed this ? lm, I liked the way it was set in Ireland during a time where religion ruled society. Almost every family in Ireland had their lives run in the way of the church, the cardinal sins were almost like laws, and were obeyed better than real laws. We see this when christys mother ? nds the ‘un-godly’ magazine under Christy in his wheel barrow. Society was set in stone and nobody tried to better themselves.

The son’s and daughters of every family followed in their fathers or mothers footsteps. Everybody had their place in society the upper class lived to work, so as to make themselves richer and richer where as the lower class worked to live, so they could get by in life. Christy however was an acception to this, he bettered him self in society by becoming an achieved artist and writer, and this allowed him to break the mould and become something nobody thought he could ever be.

I found my Left Foot quite inspiring because of Christys achievements, it shows that theres always a way to be something that you want to be even if the odds aren’t in your favor! It also shows that if someone beleves in you, you can go very far in life, just like christys mother beleived in him when nobody else did. I loved Daniel Day-Lewis in this movie because of his spectacular interpretation of the disease cerebral palsy, as you can imagine playing the role of a handicapped man must have been quite challenging but Lewis managed to pull it off.

My only dislike about the ? lm is that I felt it was a ? lm that I could only watch once, because the ? lm deals with such a serious matter I feel that its not something Id want to view again. I thought the setting, along with the costumes and props were very accurate in picturing life in the 1930’s and 40’s, the houses and neighbour-hood was exactly what you would expect it to be like as well as the opinion and beleifs of the community.

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