Effects Of Urbanization On Environment And Society Cultural Studies Essay

With the development of human society, we have a new word, urbanisation. It is the procedure of transforming a modern rural society which relies chiefly on agribusiness to a modern urban society which relies chiefly on industry and service. Urbanization has become an inevitable tendency. This essay will explicate the positive effects of urbanisation outweigh the negative 1s of urbanisation.

The metropolis is the symbol of humanity civilisation and the centre of economic sciences, political and societal life. It is associated with humanity civilisation and advancement.

In ancient times, human began to settle in communities ; with the development of industry and commercialism, metropoliss emerged to lift and urban civilisation began to distribute. In fact, at that clip, the size of the metropolis was little, because the environing countryside formed a little unit, they are comparatively close. The existent significance of metropolis is the merchandise of the development of industry and commercialism. Milan, Venice and Paris in the thirteenth century were all the centres of the of import concern and trade.

After Industrial Revolution, urbanisation accelerated its stairss. As husbandmans flocked to the new industrial centre, the metropolis received an unprecedented development ( metropolis, 2010 ) .

Take Hangzhou, the author ‘s hometown, for illustration. It goes through several developmental periods. It has many celebrated historic and cultural sites and a long history. Now Hangzhou has became a celebrated international metropolis and the economic centre of the Yangtze River Delta. But in ancient times, it was merely a shallow bay. The ancients opened the canal, built the supporting breakwater, dredged the West Lake, dug H2O walls, renovated the Qian nip River and developed the ocean transportation.

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In the Southern Song Dynasty, the economic system was booming every bit ne’er before: the handcraft industry was developed, the market was booming and the population accelerated at fast velocity. At that clip, Hangzhou became the biggest metropolis in the universe. After the opium wars, Hang Zhou went on a lopsided development and modernized route, under the subjugation of the western gunboat policy. In the early twentieth century, industrialisation and modernisation in Hangzhou was besides reeling.

Now it has become a celebrated international metropolis and a sub-economic centre of the Yangtze River Delta. On October 2002, the municipal authorities harmonizing to the construct about constructing a new Eden made accommodations determination on the administrative divisions of Hangzhou. The construct of the determination is integrating the two suburban county-level metropoliss of Xiaoshan and Yuhang into the urban country. On March 25th, 2001, Yuhang District and Xiaoshan District were established. Hangzhou expands from 683 square kilometres to 3068 square kilometres, with its country spread outing four times than earlier and the population increasing to 3730000. In the state ‘s sub-provincial metropoliss, the rank of the country rose from the last topographic point to the fifth, the rank of the population rose from the thirteenth to the 6th. Hangzhou became a large metropolis after Shanghai in the Yangtze River Delta. The constitution of Xiaoshan District and the Yuhang District makes the metropolis Centre move from the West Lake to the Yangtze River. From so on, “ the West Lake Times ” transformed to “ the Yangtze River Times ” , which provides a strategic chance and greatly enhances Hangzhou ‘s radiation map. After the constitution of Yuhang District and Xiaoshan District, harmonizing to a strategic end about constructing a new metropolis and a new Eden, Hangzhou established a metropolis edifice undertaking whose construct is “ metropolis enlargement, going West and development of the Yangtze River ” . It has an of import significance on raising the degree of urbanisation, optimising the urban layout, seting the construction of industry, bettering urban quality and fight, beef uping the position of Hangzhou and advancing the new century further and recognizing modernisation ( The major accommodations, 2001 ) . With four Qiantang River Bridges constructing up, Hangzhou is associated good with Yuhang and Xiaoshan. The Bridgess made traffic convenient for people.

Urbanization raises the degree of people ‘s life, enhances their life quality and improves the development degree of humanity society. Urbanization precipitates the formation of metropoliss ‘ civilization. The Shaoxing Rice Wine is one sort of this civilization. In ancient times, it was listed as testimonial and reflected the thought of the Confucian school. Now it is listed as a sort of vino for province feast. In some festivals, friends and relatives present it as a gift to each other.

In the class of metropolis enlargement, they non merely develop the civilization but besides promote economic growing. Shenzhen is a exemplary metropolis of economic development. After Deng Xiaoping, late Chinese leader, announced the policy of reforming and opening up. Shenzhen developed from a little fishing small town to a modern international large metropolis, which created the so called Shenzhen Speed. Since the constitution of the Particular Economic Zones, Shenzhen has seen fast, healthy, economic growing. The state ‘s Gross Domestic Product, societal retail gross revenues and entire imports and exports have achieved first topographic point in China. The entire end product in Shenzhen is same as that of half end product of a medium state. Shenzhen is one of the metropoliss that has the best economic benefits in Chinese mainland ( Tao Shuimu, 2010 ) .

With the economic development, the demands for labour force grow higher. A big figure of workers were attracted to the centre. Many foreign specializers and returned pupils were drawn into the metropolis. They promoted the development of Shenzhen. Shenzhen besides has the biggest containers terminal, rider traffic export and cargo export. Communication engineering, in add-on, is developing at a fast velocity.

Shenzhen has modern web of communicating lines. It makes Shenzhen good connected with its milieus. Hongkong is near Shenzhen, they are closely associated in history and nature. Over a long period of clip, Shenzhen transports veggies, meat, H2O and electricity to Hongkong, Shenzhen ‘s chief investing beginning is from Hongkong, while many companies of Shenzhen go to Hongkong ‘s market. In July, 2010, the west thoroughfare between Shenzhen and Hongkong was built up, which shortens the distance between the two metropoliss ( Shenzhen, 2010 ) .

Urbanization besides promotes the communicating between counties. The Shanghai Expo is a patio of international communicating and cooperation, increasing Chinese overall understand of the new economic systems and new thoughts of new metropoliss. It besides shows Chinese promotion in economic system, society, scientific discipline and civilization. It promotes the Chinese position in the universe and stimulates human ‘s scientific invention. A new construct called Low Carbon, advocated in the Shanghai Expo will be incorporated into people ‘s life.

The rich consequence that urbanization brings can non be denied. However, the procedure of urbanisation is non all fantastic music, it has many mistakes, every bit good. Constructing metropoliss creates many occupations ; it attracted many migratory workers to metropoliss. They make part to the development of the metropolis. But in fact, their national intervention can non be realized and many workers ‘ life qualities are really bad. The migratory workers ‘ kids have schooling jobs, related to the progress of other states. These jobs have a negative impact on the development of metropoliss and a metropoliss ‘ trustiness. Overpopulation puts force per unit area on lodging, because many people are unable to afford the monetary value of the houses. The soap opera called Dwelling reflected the societal world.

Overpopulation besides leads to traffic congestion ; congestion has become another large job. It makes people ‘s life inconvenient. The state of affairs where more and more migratory workers go to metropoliss to happen occupations, leads to the deficit of labour force in rural country. It makes the end product of the grain lessening. Our state ‘s agricultural engineering is non really advanced. Most of the agriculture work is done manually. Compared it with Americans in the USA, the labour force is non every bit big as ours, but their efficiency is much higher than ours.

To sum up, urbanisation has positive impact on people, largely. It promotes the economic and cultural communicating between metropoliss, accelerates the velocity of the development and introduces advanced engineering. In this manner, the image of “ better metropolis, better life ” as the World Expo 2010 advocators, can be realized. In order to do it come true, the degree of engineering should be improved, the regulations of the state should be improved and the quality of metropolis ‘s occupants should be raised with the of all time turning development of the metropolis.

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