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Education should be free to everyone

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (855 words)
Categories: Education, Learning, Philosophy, Social science, Society, Sociology
Downloads: 48
Views: 609

Education is the guiding to light in the path of our success. Education can be defined as the process of acquiring knowledge, belief, values, skill, and habits which teaches us to be a true human being. Whatever we learned whether imposed or willingly comes under the domain of education. Education, as we understand it here, is a process of inviting truth and possibility, of encouraging and giving time to discovery. It is, as John Dewey (1916) put it, a social process ” a process of living and not a preparation for future living’.

In this view, educators look to act with people rather on them. Education enables younger generations to have a better quality of life and can improve social development. From an ethical view, it seems unfair that people who have less money are going to miss more opportunities. Ethically, opportunities should be open to all people. Though it may be true that the availability of an opportunity shouldn’t guarantee that a person receives that opportunity, the opportunity shouldn’t be ruled out.

For example, all people should be able to become qualified to work in air traffic control, and even though a blind person is hardly guaranteed such a job position, the opportunity shouldn’t be ruled out as a default. Free education, particularly free greater education, may open up a number of possibilities that some individuals would otherwise be unable to enjoy, and even if those opportunities are not guaranteed, they should not be excluded by default, which is what occurs when some individuals are unable to use greater education for The free education to everyone can reduce the social problems Free education for everyone can reduce social problems. We learn morality from education, so we will know what is right and what is wrong. This can reduce social problems because we can think rationally about what is right and wrong. So free education should provide to everyone economic purposes. If a student is genuinely looking for higher education and is not looking for a reason to do nothing and mess around for years by exploiting other people’s tax money through free education, then such a person may enjoy a long education process. For example, a student taking a series of law qualifications is going to need five to seven years of education, which is also very expensive. If the qualifying costs have been removed, such an individual may be able to take up employment on an intermittent basis, extend his or her qualifying period and take longer to obtain such qualifications in a more comfortable way. Instead of having to spend years as a low-income student while building debt and maybe will involve in social issues, such a student may spend longer on qualification and work while studying so that he or she may enjoy a more comfortable education experience. Furthermore, free education will reduce the unemployment rate and fewer people would be on government assistance. Education should be given free to everyone doesn’t matter who you are what which race you are. As it can greatly reduce the rate of poverty by giving the people the skills as well as knowledge to qualify for a particular job. For instance, according to McFarlin has shown that having particular skills can actually help someone to qualify for a better job. For example, a person with great communication and good decisionmaking skills have a higher chance of beginning chosen in an interview compare to others due to his or her personal skills outshine the others. Educated individuals tend to live longer lives than their uneducated counterparts. Education is essential in improving our lifestyles and overall well-being because it makes us aware of what we know and what we can do. We lead happier lives with the knowledge we accumulate and the skills we acquire throughout our educational years. Happier people are healthier people. The life expectancy of those who are educated is longer, on average than those who are lacking in their education. Education can be ascribed to improved mental, physical and emotional health. Learned people lead fuller, more meaningful lives and consequently have the greater inspiration to keep on living and to fulfill their life goals and dreams. As a conclusion, education is a serious matter when it comes to developing the country. As most countries that are highly successful are often filled with people that are very highly educated. Just like what our existing Prime Minister Tun Doctor Mahathir Bin Mohammad said, we should learn from the East. But in this case, we think that our Ministry of Education should focus more on the Western country like Finland, as they are like one of the most successful countries in term of education, also they provide free education for their city as well. Therefore, we hope that the government can look into the matter of giving everyone free education without caring about their skin colors in order for our country to develop into a strong country like Russia, China and the United State of America. So that we won’t ever need to rely on foreign workers during an emergency time or during the economy crisis.

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