Drench in the essence of Sin City with Las Vegas Holiday Packages

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Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada. Nicknamed Sin City and the Entertainment Capital of the World, it is situated in the midst of the southern Nevada desert landscape. The city has giant mega-casino hotels, decorated with lavish care and attention to detail to create a fantasy-like atmosphere. The city evokes romance, mystery, and fun. Las Vegas can be whatever a visitor wants, and for a few days, a visitor can be whatever he or she wants.

Just be prepared to leave all touchstones with reality behind.

Attractions of Sin City

Las Vegas is the biggest desire of every traveller. Visitors from around the world book to enjoy the fascinations of Sin City. Gleaming lights, sounds of laughter, traffic hooting, pinging slot machines will welcome you to Las Vegas. Absorb the incredible energy of this improbably fascinating city in the desert. The key sites are naturally the extravagant casinos that line the Strip but there are many more charms.

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Venetian Hotel and Casino

Venetian Hotel recreates the city of Venice in the Nevada Desert. Guests can travel around the hotel in a gondola as real canals run through the hotel. One of the main attractions is Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, a wax museum presenting some of the world’s biggest icons. This enthralling destination should not be missed while taking Las Vegas Holiday Packages.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio is one of Las Vegas’ most opulent hotels and most popular casinos. With an Italian theme, the great bulk of the Bellagio sits in its own vast garden.

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It has over 3,000 rooms and hundreds of slot machines and gaming tables.

The Mirage

The lure at the Mirage is a Volcano that shoots flames 100ft (30m) into the night sky every 15 minutes (6pm to midnight), spewing smoke and transforming a tranquil waterfall into spectacular streams of molten lava. This fascinating must be seen by all visitors taking Las Vegas Holidays. A popular attraction is the aquarium. This 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium is home to angelfish, puffer fish, tangs, sharks and other exotic sea creatures.

The Luxor

The Luxor is themed on ancient Egypt and is one of the most prominent sights on the Strip. It is a massive black-glass pyramid containing 36 floors of hotel rooms, and shining through it up into the night sky is the world’s most strong beam of light.

Imperial Palace Auto Collection

With over 250 classic antique cars on display, the Imperial Palace Auto Collection is an absolute must for car enthusiasts taking Las Vegas Holiday Packages. It is actually part of a larger collection and cars are rotated in and out of the showroom.

Fremont Street Experience

The downtown area of Las Vegas is where it all began and the Fremont Street Experience aims to celebrate this heritage. The street is also known as ‘Glitter Gulch’ for the bright neon signs and thousands of flashing lights that line the streets.

Roller Coasters

Unlikely as it may seem, Las Vegas is one of the world’s top rollercoaster destinations, with some of the fastest, biggest, and most innovative rides. Some of the best are atop the 1,149ft (350m) Stratosphere Tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower. Try out some adventurous rides while on .


Bright, brash and lavish, there is no more reason to choose Las Vegas Holidays than for the pursuit of pleasure and entertainment. This psychedelic city of sin is an attraction that lures you to come back for more. Book with Crystal Travel and venture on this exciting vacation.

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Drench in the essence of Sin City with Las Vegas Holiday Packages

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