Drama "Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ is a drama staged on the theme of post-World War American style. The setting the extent that courses of events move from past to present and back to the past. The set shows both the inside and outside of the Willy Loman’s humble house in New York City. A fragile seeming house, it is hedged in, surrounded by recently erected apartment buildings. Behind the kitchen, on a level raised six and a half feet, is the boy’s room.

At the left a stairway curves up to the kitchen. Several rooms were shown at a time so to make the audience understand where they should focus on. The stage directions convey important information regarding the creation of theme and meaning within the play.

In this way, the stage reinforces the play’s theme. There is a compare and contrast issue in between the relationship of willy Loman with Charley, his neighbour and Howard Wagner, his employer.

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Charley consistently had sympathy for Willy and extended Willy employment opportunities. To him companionship and bonding was a higher priority than winning benefit. He figured out how to bargain with the business world, holding his certified mankind. He endured the entirety of Willy’s unseemly conduct and saw Willy’s battle.

The business morals of Charley was criticised by Arthur Miller all things considered. On the otherhand, Howard Wagner, though he was seen younger than Willy, he was Willy’s employer. Howard Wagner who was progressively proficient, to him picking up benefit was increasingly significant and the connection among him and Willy was progressively similar to a employer and worker.

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Therefore we see him firing Willy when asked for a desk job. Moreover, Dave Singleman, a famous salesman was his idol.He wanted to earn fame like Dave.

Though he loved manual labor, he was a man of great dream and took the job of a salesman to be famous. Willy’s pride and illusion to American was the fundamental motivation to his fall.He had likewise additional interest and he used to imagine that achievement will came effectively to him.For this sort of thought Willy endure to achieve accomplishment till his final breath.Willy Loman wanted perfection in every sphere and it leads him to be a tragic hero.

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Drama "Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller

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