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Dramatic language

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (823 words)
Categories: Language
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Arthur Miller builds up tension for the audience by a skilful use of dialogue, entrances and actions. By discussing one or two examples of each, from Act Two say how he does this. The crucible written by Arthur Miller is a play based on true events that took place in the small community of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The play is based on the witchcraft trials that took place but at the same time it reflects views and attitudes of society and the influence religion had at that time on the people.

In the Crucible Arthur Miller gives us an insight on the absurd actions of a few girls which results in vengeance, corruption, death and the destruction to a whole community.

The main character in the play is John Proctor a local farmer. Proctor is seen as a straightforward, hard working, honest man but one who is constantly plagued with the memory of his sin: committing adultery.

Abigail Williams the servant who he had an affair with develops a passion for him and tries to seduce him again. This leads to many problems including a rift between the relationship between John and his wife Elizabeth.

When Abigail and some of her girl-friends are found dancing in the woods one night and accused of dealing with the devil, Tituba a black slave who was with the girls is persuaded to confess to witchcraft. Abigail and the rest of the girls seize this opportunity to escape punishment and as a result accuse various members of the community against whom they had a personal grudge, of being witches. Because of her personal dislike for Elizabeth, Abigail accuses her of being a witch, whereupon she is placed in prison. John pleads with the court that his wife is innocent, however a number of misfortunes follow and John finds himself in the center of a huge dilemma. John has to decide whether to sign a confession claiming that he is a witch and escape hanging or tell the truth. He chooses to tell the truth and stand up for what he knows is right. In doing so he dies a righteous death as an honorable true man cleansed of his sins.

Act 2 is a very important part in the play. In this scene Miller uses a lot of repetition, imagery, dramatic language, tension, suspense, emotive vocabulary and dramatic effects to display the characters feelings and dilemmas through the use of dialogue, actions and entrances. At the beginning of act 2 we can see that the relationship between John and his wife is uneasy and full of unhappy prospects. The adultery has caused all sorts of problems and made their relationship edgy. Arthur Miller builds up the tension between the row Elizabeth and John are having through the use of dialogue and imagery.

Elizabeth: “Then go and tell her she’s a whore.” Elizabeth’s words are very straightforward and direct. The use of the word ‘whore’ brings an impure image in the mind of the audience and we can clearly see that Elizabeth is in control of the situation. Proctor: “I will curse her hotter than the oldest cinder in hell.” The words that John uses creates many images in the minds of the audience as a lot of imagery is used. The threat makes the audience think of hell. This clearly shows the audience the state of mind he is in that moment. The words he uses become vibrant and pulsating throughout the act to express his rage. The argument is built to a climax through the use of powerful dialogue.

Arthur Miller adds to the excitement of the scene by the sudden entrance of Reverend Hale. This also arouses suspense as the audience want to know why Hale is there. Proctor: “Why Mr Hale! Good evening to you, sir.” It is evident that John is embarrassed to have been in this situation and he quickly tries to recover. The suspense increases as the audience are wondering what business Hale has and how much he heard of the argument. As soon as John and Elizabeth recover from the shock of seeing Hale they have another surprise.

The timing of Giles Corey and Francis nurse entrance is just at the right time when things were beginning to get out of hand. The news that Goody Corey and Rebecca nurse are arrested is very shocking. Proctor: “Rebecca’s in the jail!” We can tell that the characters are shocked at the realization that hysteria has set about in Salem. The tension rises dramatically as Rebecca Nurse is a devout Christian and the pillar of society for the people of Salem. If Rebecca can get accused anybody could. Elizabeth: “They’ve surely gone wild now, Mr Hale!” Elizabeth’s words echo what the audience is thinking. The audience is aware of the dangers arising and fear for what is going to happen next. Arthur Miller grasps the attention of the audience by building up the suspense.

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