Don’t Let Bad Choices Ruin Your Life 

In the book Peak by Roland Smith a boy named Peak is a passionate climber that one day gets caught while he is climbing a skyscraper and everything goes bad for him. Then he is taken to Thailand with fis real father and they decide to make the journey up Mount Everest. Bad decisions can only have bad outcomes is shown by Peak when he is stopped by the S.W.A.T. team during his climb, when he is blamed for the death of another boy, and when they want him in jail for 3 years.

First of all, Peak is stopped by the SWAT team while he is climbing up the side of a skyscraper, and this is really bad for him.

As said in the book, “When my head reached the top of the railing they hauled me up and cuffed my wrists behind my back. They were wearing SWAT gear and baseball caps, and there were a lot of them” (Smith 5).

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This means that Peak is getting in to a lot of trouble because they got a bunch of SWAT members to come get him during his climb. This was not good for Peak because there was no getting out of what he had just gotten in to. Peak knew at this time that he had really messed up, and he didn’t know what he was gonna do.

Secondly, Peak gets blamed for the death of another young boy, and it is all just because he climbed a building.

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The book states “The boy had all of your news articles pinned up in his room. He had a can of blue spray paint in his pack” (Smith 15). This shows that the other boy wanted to be like Peak and now Peak is getting blamed for his death. This is really bad for Peak because he was already in enough trouble but now it is just getting even worse. Peak’s one mistake is just having worse and worse outcomes.

Lastly, Peak is now wanted in jail for 3 years, and he doesn’t know what to do. As stated in the book, “The fall was enough to kill him, and enough to keep you in jail for the next three years” (Smith 15). This means that Peak is gonna have to find some way to get out of it, or just face the consequences. He knows that he doesn’t want to go to jail but he is not sure how to get out of it. He is now gonna have to face many hard decisions. From all of his consequences and learnings, Peak realizes that making bad choices can only make things worse. He makes one bad choice by climbing a skyscraper and when he gets caught things just go downhill for him. Don’t let bad choices ruin your life.

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