Do you think Candy's opinion of Curley's wife is fair

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"Do you think Candy's opinion of Curley's wife is fair or does Steinbeck show us a character that has had so many disappointments in her life and is lonely that we can understand why she acts as she does?

I myself don't think that candy's opinion of curley's wife is fair,this is because all the people on the ranch have made up there minds that she is a tart because of the way she dresses and the way she tries to flirt with them,but she doen't mean to put the impression to the ranch workers that she is a tart but looks can be deceiving.

She dresses and looks this way because she has always dreamed of being in the movie business,living in Salinas at only at the age of 15 she wrote to a man in the movie business but had no reply,Her dreams of staring in her own movie were smashed into a million pieces.Now when she is older and wiser she still has no ambitions.

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Then she married Curly.Now married to Curly she is always lonely,this is because she is away from her family and friends,shes ignored by Curly (when he is around!) because he is always in town or in whore houses,on the ranch there is nothing for her to do except sit around doing nothing.This is why she tries to make friends with the people on the ranch because she is lonely,but the ranch workers think she is trying to get them into trouble with curly,and because she hasn't got over her trauma of being rejected by the movie business she wants to live out the fame and dream of being a movie star in front of the ranch workers.

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the ranch workers are too scared to have any business with her because if they do they know that curly would give them the beating of there lives.

Later in the story lennie is the only person who she manages to have a proper conversation with,at first lennie tells curly's wife that George told him to stay away from her because she will get him into trouble and that she is bad news,but she manages to make it slip Lennies mind by asking him questions about things he likes like soft things,furry things,rabbits,etc and he is easily led into them conversations because they are all his favourite things he mostly likes.

When she asks him if he likes petting and touching soft things he got very excited,then she asked him if he wanted to touch her soft golden hair,he reply's yes.When he is petting her soft locks of hair he starts to get more and more of a grip of her it,she tells him that is enough he blocks her voice out of his head and continues to have a firm grip,she tries to struggle away from him with no success,then when she screams Lennie got scared because he knew she would get him into trouble so with his bear like hands he covers her mouth but she still managed to shout for help so Lennie done the only thing he knew he would do to shut her up for good!,and breaks her neck like a twig.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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